Last night I hosted our monthly NYC podcasters meetup group at the Ariel Publicity Offices and we had 2 speakers – First my friend from my Boulder Colorado days Corey Denis led a discussion about the CRB Copyright royalty hearing on July 15, 2007. She smartly pointed out that if there is an unfavorable ruling passes that the fees might also retroactively apply to podcasters because it sets a bad precedent. There is no clear definition of whether or not an RSS feed is a public performance. So if you haven’t already signed the petition AND called your senators please do this now it will take 5 minutes and you will be counted.

Next up was a wonderful and lively discussion led by John C Havens about transparency – what exactly defines transparency and how it can affect public relations around almost anything. He cited a small blunder he himself admitted to making by over sharing on a PodCamp Google Group and what ensued from being overly enthusiastic and not thinking through what he had posted. All of a sudden he had a fire to put out and a deep lesson was learned. Here is Johns description of his presentation:

“I’m intrigued to see how people view transparency online, both in positive ways and not so positive. Meaning, we all want people to put the comment feature on their blog and open up about issues they normally didn’t before (think big corporate websites that don’t allow us to post our reactions). But we also don’t want trolls (unwanted, nasty commenting types) to turn off any new visitors to our site. How do we manage a good balance?”

As a publicist for the last 15 years, I have learned these lessons myself many a time through dealing with traditional media. An artist having a bad day on the road over shares a personal topic or opinion with a friendly writer during a phoner and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose…. John has posted a forum to discuss transparency if you would like to visit. Doug Kerston did the intros as usual and brought the snacks – Easy Cheese Baby! Since it was my birthday week I brought red wine, which we polished off, in a flash with the Sun Chips landing second place for most coveted snack on the table.

Roll Call: Bendrix started it – I rounded it out

1. John Havens (Our Speaker)

2. Mark Tafoya (Our Chef)

3. Corey Denis (Our 1st Speaker & San Franciscan blogger and podcaster connection)

4. Fiona Bloom (Our A&R Whizocologist)

5. Christopher Michael (Our Digital Media Strategist)

6. Bendrix (Our Portable Media Strategist)

7. Doug Kerston (Our Captain)

8. Ava (Our Web Host)

9. Fabio (Our Italian) Who just moved from Rome 2 weeks ago

10. Kim Last (Our Recent College Grad)

11. Francisco Daum (Our Civil Servant)

12. Greg Weinstein (Our Corporate Exec) On his real birthday no less – Happy Birthday Greg!

13. Yours Truly (Our Publicist)

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