Here are a list of the featured artists that will be there!

Lauren O’Brien – Astoria, NY
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Spoken Word

The words come through your speakers. Tense words. Sharp words. Hypnotic words. Words couched in grinding guitars and thudding drums, words thick with emotional desperation that also reveal the strangely paradoxical beauty in suffering; the diamonds in the cave, waiting to be mined. The words are those of Lauren O’Brien, one of the most exciting young poet-performers on the scene today.

Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga – Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Irish, Roots, World, Electronica, Folk, Celtic

Cady Finlayson is a spirited Irish fiddler, with a global twist. And while she’s best known for her Irish music expertise, Finlayson’s latest release, Electric Green, her collaboration with French guitarist Vita Tanga, is sure to expand her audience well beyond traditional Celtic boundaries.

Miles – Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Pop, Soul, Folk, Indie Rock

Miles’ music is all about forward motion, a factor amply illustrated by the blurred car lights pictured on the band’s first full-length, As Fast as You Can. And much like those vehicles on that light-streaked highway, Miles is on a quest to illuminate dark paths, in search of the bright side of the road. The track “All Along” expresses this luminous desire perfectly.

Derek and the Darling – New York, NY
GenrePop, Rock, Alternative, Electronica, AltRock

Born from scene work on the Upright Citizens Brigade stage, Derek and the Darling formed an electro-pop band in late 2009 instead of an improv troupe because it was “way less nerdy.” “Rockface” the debut EP, arrives April 27, 2010

Brandon Carter – Chicago IL
Genre: Hip/Hop Rap


Rapper/Producer Brandon Carter was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, IL, until relocating to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C. While pursuing his degree at Howard, Brandon began his performance career, by opening for Hip Hop headliners, such as: Kanye West, Fabolous, LL Cool J and T.I. Upon graduating, Brandon then moved to New York, career driven! While a few offers by major labels fell through, Brandon continued to pursue his dreams.

Katia – New York, NY

Genre: Pop, Rock, SingerSongwriter

Ten years old at the time of her highly publicized performance with the Russian Philharmonic, the St. Petersburg native who is now sponsored by the Baldwin piano company, came to America shortly thereafter. She has studied music on her own ever since, absorbing along the way influences ranging from Madonna to Norah Jones-both of whom, incidentally,have been mentioned among artists whom Katia evokes. Indeed, renowned producer David Kahne was so impressed by Katia’s talent that he offered to produce “Girl Like Me” in between recording projects for Paul McCartney and Sting.

Bazaar Royale – Atlanta, GA
Genre: Rock, Soul, Hip Hop, Alternative

Bazaar Royale, a rock star royale, imparts new meaning to the genres of hip-hop and rock and roll. His self defined “Aggressive Soul” is unique and original artistry. By melding the fierce, high-energy sounds of rock and hip hop with gritty vocals and soulful rhythms he’s produced his own sound. He sings of freedom. Bazaar’s feral war cry transports listeners into his world of pain and suffering illuminated by hope.

Lily Sparks – New York, NY
Genre: Rock, Blues, Classic Rock

Forged in the crucible of the New York rock scene, Lily Sparks has emerged with a unique voice. Flanked by glitter guitars that alternate between crunch and wail, the singer’s got a set of pipes that can go from fragility to fury in a heartbeat. These girls play hard-rocking, toe-tapping songs that’ll make you want to shout and sing along.

David Homyk
Genre: Pop, SingerSongwriter

Singer, writer, and producer all in one, David Homyk’s music can be described as a blend of Maroon 5 and James Blunt, often mixed with a Timbaland-style production. David is known to put on high energy live performances, juggling piano, guitar, and various instruments on stage. A producer by trade, David has made recordings for many well known artists including Beyoncé and her sister Solange.