Musician's Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – MusicHype

Imagine a world where you, the artist, knows exactly when and how a new fan (or even an old one) interacts with you on one of the many social media networks. Imagine further that you can then reward that fan for supporting your music. Imagine how powerful it would be if you could reach out to the most important fans at the perfect time.

Imagine no more. MusicHype delivers this exact service. Kevin King, CEO of MuiscHype, recently joined us at our Digital Press Conference and filled us in on all the details.

We love MusicHype, but to convince you, here are 3 reasons why MusicHype should be on your radar:

  • Identify Your Super Fans
    • MusicHype identifies the fans that are connecting with you via social channels and how those connections are being made

  • Locate Your Super Fans
    • MusicHpye provides you with a map displaying where all your social interactions occured

  • Reward Your Super Fans
    • MusicHype provides a dashboard through which you can reward your fans for supporting your music

Check out this video of Kevin and Ariel chatting about MusicHype and how it can help you.