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“She’s my online marketing guru.”

- Derek Sivers, CD Baby Founder, TED Talker, Best Selling Author

Ariel Hyatt is an experienced speaker, trainer and consultant who shares her insights with audiences worldwide in the form of keynotes, masterclasses and in-depth trainings.

For 18 years, this fierce entrepreneur has been at the helm of Cyber PR®, a dynamic social media & content marketing company based in New York. Her agency places clients on blogs, establishes their online brands, and coaches them to create authentic relationships and chart their own paths to thought leadership.

In 2011, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), recognized by The Rolling Stone College Guide as having “one of the preeminent music business programs in the country,” began offering 2 official Cyber PR® classes named in her honor based on principals and practices she created for her day-to-day business.

Her message is so compelling she has been invited to speak at over 70 conferences and universities in twelve countries. Highlights include a national tour of Australia, a keynote at the 02 Arena in London, SXSW (She’s a 10-time speaker), Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) National Conference, CMJ, Social Media Week, Grammy Camp, The 140 Conference, Campus Party London, Canadian Music Week, Vivid Sydney, Fuse Festival (Adelaide), Spot Festival (Aarhus), and You Are In Control (Reykjavik).

She is the author of three books on social media for artists, and one on crowdfunding. Two of her books have hit number one on Amazon.

“Ariel’s actionable advice and her ability to turn topics that feel confusing and overwhelming into approachable and conquerable systems make her one of the most in-demand speakers in the entertainment business.”
– Lou Plaia, Co-Founder ReverbNation


PR and the New Media: Charting the Path to Online Thought Leadership
Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons people follow brands on social media ( & content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, plus generates about 3 times as many leads ( Ariel leads a candid conversation on how to create killer consistent content for your social media channels in 2014 and beyond.

The Science of Effective Social Media Campaigns
Want to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media marketing?
Cyber PR has executed campaigns for hundreds of clients and Ariel takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at the data and the results. This case study laden presentation gives actionable advice.

14 Archetypes of Thought Leaders: Who are You?
Content Marketing can be overwhelming and confusing if you don’t have a context for it. Your thought leadership archetype will inform your content creation. During this talk, you will identify your primary and secondary archetypes.

How to Create a 7 Figure Business Without Traditional Marketing
Ariel did it and learned a lot along the way. In this talk she takes you through the highlights (and low points) of her journey and shares the best and the worst advice she received and the things she tested.

CrowdStart: Fans, Fears, and Funding
A Step-by-Step Guide to Crowdfunding Your Dream Project

Ariel’s newest book is part self-help guide, part step-by-step roadmap to launching an effective 33-day successful crowdfunding campaign. She did it herself raising $61,000. In this talk, she shares her fears, mistakes and triumphs with you and gives invaluable tips.

Identify Your Niche, Tell Your Story & Write Your Plan
“80% of marketers begin with tactics instead of goals” (eMarketer Report) and this is the primary reason online marketing and social media fails. In this talk you will learn how to chart a path to full success. It’s all about the foundations and once they are in place, online miracles can happen.

Effective Tools, Tricks & Tactics for Building Your Social Media House
Ariel has created a 9-week online course as well as a book entitled Tools, Tricks & Tactics for Building your Social Media House. She will walk you through how to build your own starting with the foundation: your website and moving through to the six rooms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Pinterest and your newsletter.

Hi Tech = Hi Touch: Creating Moments Both Online and Offline
With all the buzz about how to do it right online, we sometimes forget that life 1.0 is just as important as web 2.0. In this talk, Ariel discusses how to capture & engage, create moments, and change lives both online and offline for lasting brand impression.

WWW = What Went Wrong?
In this day and age of social media overwhelm, everyone is franticly Facebooking, tirelessly Tweeting, and spending more time on social media than ever. Sadly, they are not seeing increases in fans or sales. In this talk, you will learn what to fix fast so you can turn it around effectively.

Look Lurk Leap! How to Conquer the Blogosphere
Figuring out your signature story, ideal customer, and brand messaging isn’t easy, but once you do, these keys will help you begin to connect with a powerful group of content creators who are more powerful than all the PR outlets in the world: blogs. This talk provides an outline for finding and connecting you to potential partners in the blogosphere.

Your 3 Communities: Differentiating and Leveraging Your Online Fans
Not all fans are created equal. In this talk, Ariel walks you through how to segment your online fanbase and talk to each one effectively. The key is to engage as many as possible and make them your online evangelists.

Music Success in 9 Weeks
This talk captures Ariel’s signature DIY system that started in 2008 and has inspired thousands of artists to systematically execute her 9-week plan. It starts with setting goals and creating a vision and ends with a fully executed online system. This talk captures her proven system for 9 weeks in 90 minutes.


“I saw Ariel at last year’s SXSW, and she was amazing. Dare I say life-changing? Her approach to social networking truly got me re-thinking, and now her advice fuels every single Facebook/Twitter post I make. More than social networks, her whole approach to business in today’s age is crucial for the modern artist/entrepreneur to ‘get’.”
– Ryan Mintz, Musician

“In your keynote session, The Science of Effective Social Media Campaigns, you did an excellent job of preparing and presenting useful information and advice to the attendees… I greatly appreciate your willingness to share your wisdom and experience and I look forward to the next opportunity to invite you to come to Berklee.”
- Don Gorder, Chair & Founder of the Music Business/Management Dept. Berklee College of Music

“Ariel totally demystifies the enigma that is social media. I was firmly in the “It scares me and I’ve got nothing interesting to say” camp until I went to her class… As a result I am now not afraid to spend time on this and can do it in an efficient way. I’m finally beginning to have fun with this!”
- The Land of Deborah, Singer/Songwriter/Composer

“I saw Ariel Hyatt speak…[and] it was deserving of a standing ovation…. She has really immersed herself in ‘Web 2.0’ type things for the past several years, gone to every blogger, marketing, and social-media conference, all with one question, ‘How can we really benefit from this?’ She lays it all out in a way that got me damn inspired. Blew me away more than any speaker I’ve seen in the last couple years.”
- Derek Sivers, CD Baby Founder, TED Talker, Best Selling Author