Cyber PR® Digital Press Conference – Episode 6 – Spring 2011

On April 20th, the Cyber PR office held its 6th annual Digital Press Conference, co-sponsored by Rive Video, at our HQ in Brooklyn! We rolled out the hors d’oeuvres (heck yeah I Googled that spelling), invited over a ton of Cyber PR artists, bloggers, internet radio DJs, and podcasters, and let the craziness ensue!

On the first floor, we had some fantastic acoustic performances from both Cyber PR and Rive Video artists. Rive Video provided the video recording, and Cyber PR handled the audio. Stay tuned for some awesome footage!

Here’s what the setlist looked like:

Annie Fitzgerald
Van Muller
Hotels & Highways
Susan Cattaneo
Traum Diggs
Renee Wahl
Rachel Brown
Argyle Johansen

While the performances were going on in the main workspace, guests from Jersey Beat, Everything Urban, Static Television, Indie Soup Runner, Hit Records TV, and Memoirs of a Party Girl schmoozed in the kitchen and back garden.

The second floor was the spot for call-ins and lots of interviews! Since there were internet radio stations and podcasters that wanted artist interviews but couldn’t come out, we had our artists call into the live shows of Bumpskey Internet Radio, Music on the Couch, and New Music Inferno! The couches hosted more recorded live interviews between artists and new media makers like Tym Moss of the Artists Exposed podcast.

Finally, video interviews were the thing on the third floor, with NY Rocks TV on the scene. Cyber PR artists also had the chance to come upstairs and talk about their experiences with us on camera. Musicians like Patrick of Hotels & Highways, Rachel Brown, and Deanna Reuben also shared some cool, insightful tips that they’ve picked up along the way and think every indie artist should know. Watch for those videos when they get posted!

All in all, the event was super fun and a super success! Everyone was networking, eating, laughing, and just enjoying the comfortable, friendly atmosphere. And who doesn’t want some business cards, invites to shows, and free CD’s?! We’ll see you out at the next one!

Check out the complete photo album here.


Cyber PR® Digital Press Conference – Episode 5 – Featured Artists

Here are a list of the featured artists that will be there!

Lauren O’Brien – Astoria, NY
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Spoken Word

The words come through your speakers. Tense words. Sharp words. Hypnotic words. Words couched in grinding guitars and thudding drums, words thick with emotional desperation that also reveal the strangely paradoxical beauty in suffering; the diamonds in the cave, waiting to be mined. The words are those of Lauren O’Brien, one of the most exciting young poet-performers on the scene today.

Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga – Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Irish, Roots, World, Electronica, Folk, Celtic

Cady Finlayson is a spirited Irish fiddler, with a global twist. And while she’s best known for her Irish music expertise, Finlayson’s latest release, Electric Green, her collaboration with French guitarist Vita Tanga, is sure to expand her audience well beyond traditional Celtic boundaries.


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Digital Press Conference – CMJ 2008

Co-Hosted by CMJ & The Bloom Effect

Our CMJ 2008 digital press conference was not really a digital press conference at all this year. This year our Digital Press Conference was done as a CMJ Media Meet-n-Greet for all invited and badge-holding bloggers, journalists, writers and photographers! The mixer featured performances by Sarah White and a DJ set from the Beatards. We also had complimentary drinks courtesy of Sparks, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Makers Mark. The Beatards were awesome and spun some amazing old school Hip Hop . I couldn’t really hear anyone that was talking to me, and the club was fantastically dark but I sure had fun!  We had tons of local, national and international media & bloggers, unite for this event and they all got a chance to mix and mingle with their media peers.

We took some great photos of everyone in attendance that you will find on our flickr site:

Our next digital press conference will take place in January, but I wanted to thank CMJ for letting us co-host an event with them as well as The Bloom Effect, and also thanks to the other Ariel, the owner of Sutra, for her hospitality. Thanks to all who were able to attend!


Cyber PR® Digital Press Conference – DPC – Episode 3 – Wrap Up

Our third digital press conference took place on July 15, 2008 and it was a smashing success. Dozens of bloggers, podcasters and Internet radio DJs dropped in to hang out, eat, and drink with over 20 artists. Radio stations were set up and streaming live from the Blog Talk Radio and on Bumpskey Internet Radio and artists lined up in the hallways to be interviewed on tape and on camera by new media makers posted around the apartment.

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:
Reverb Nation
Rive Video Promotion
Rock Ridge Music

New Media Makers & Friends Who Attended & Interviewed Artists At The Event:
The Amsterdam News
Blog Talk Radio – On The Road With John & Rick
Both Sides Of The Surface Podcast
Bumpsky Internet Radio
Digital Freedom Campaign
Friggin Fabulous Radio
The Gigometer
Hit Records Nightlife Video Show
Mikeypod Podcast
New York Sun Podcast
Queens Artists Podcasts
Radio Crystal Blue
Rubyfruit Radio Podcast

I asked the staff and the summer ‘08 interns to each write a synopsis of their impressions of the DPC and here is what they said:
Christina & Ariel
Our 3rd annual Digital Press Conference turned out to be a HIT! With artists and tons of social media continuing to bustle into the doors all afternoon and into the evening in a stead stream. Everyone was greeted with drinks (note to self: buy more beer next year) and appetizers and all wore big SMILING faces. Rive Video had their cameras set up and all ready to go with artists in out for interviews till after 9 PM. We had the wonderful Eddie Muentes as the host of Rive’s tapings and he kept the energy through the roof throughout the night. Artists were able to go through a circuit of about 6-7 interviewers each. First stop for most of the artists were On the Road with Rick and John LIVE . John and Rick interviewed everyone and broadcasted live onto Blog Talk Radio. Bumpskey Internet Radio also phoned in and stayed on the line for almost five hours (he would have talked all night but his cable dropped out) interviewing most of the artists in attendance.
All artists also had the pleasure of interviewing with Friggin; Fabulous Radio host Nick Ciavatta. Nick also interviewed Rock Ridge Music artist Lauren Ianuzzi. The sultry singer made her rounds in the circuit of interviews. Lou with Reverb Nation beamed with happiness and walked around greeting everyone and Lou thanks for being a great sport about the lack of wifi in the main room.

Dan Herman with Radio Crystal Blue was stationed in the Kitchen recording his interviews and he also got the privilege of recordig some live impromptu jams from the artists who brought their guitars along.

Rubyfruit Radio, and MikeyPod Podcast, had pole position in front of the air conditioner and they interviewed a steady stream of artists in between station ID takes with Eddie.

Stefan and Scott from our team were also on hand to interview artists on camera (watch for testimonials coming to the site soon).

Artists were able to connect with social media face to face in a special way that makes us proud to do our jobs and it was extra special for us because we got to meet some people who only exsist for us virtually.

We are looking forward to Digital Press Conference edition 4 at CMJ 2008!

Ariel Publicity’s Digital Press Conference on July 15th was an event no one should have missed out on. The combination of Ariel Publicity, Rive Video Promotions, Rock Ridge Music, and Reverb Nation proved to be a great success.

I had the opportunity to attend and work this event due to the fact that I am one of Ariel’s interns. As if being an intern for Ariel isn’t amazing enough, being at the Press Conference made it over the top. I had the opportunity to go around and interact with all different types of people from rockers to podcasters.

One of my favorite moments during the entire event was when I was preparing hors d’oeuvres in the kitchen. Dan from Radio Crystal Blue was doing interviews for a select few artists in the kitchen while I was there. I got to listen to Kati Mac’s interview and I felt like I was getting my own personal concert without her knowing it. She has a beautiful voice and listening to her sing while playing the guitar is something I will always think about when the Press Conference comes to mind.

If you missed out on Ariel Publicity’s Digital Press Conference this year, make sure to cancel everything to go to it next year. You would be crazy not to.

Ariel Publicity’s Digital Press Conference was a chance for musicians to connect with podcasters and bloggers face to face. In each room there were different stations set up. The musicians moved from room to room doing interviews and broadcasts with each station. If they were not at one of the stations, they were enjoying some of the appetizers and drinks while socializing with others attending the event. The Press Conference was a way to give back to musicians and podcasters and new media makers, and a chance for everyone to kick back and have some fun. Anyone that was at the event would agree.

Ariel Publicity’s Digital Press Conference was immensely successful and demonstrated clearly how an innovative and clever approach to PR allows for stellar results within the changing music industry.

Over 20 of Ariel’s 90+ clients attended the event along with dozens of representatives from various New Media outlets–bloggers, podcasters, and internet radio DJ’s, among others. As internet-based press mediums continue to rapidly gain both popularity and credibility, artists are presented with new ways to promote themselves and their music. The Digital Press Conference gave several of the artists that Ariel Publicity represents a uniquely personal chance at interacting with many of the best people involved in New Media outlets.

The result was a marathon of networking and promotion which, based on my observation, put smiles on everyone’s faces. In fact, witnessing the enthusiasm displayed by both the press and artists was arguably the highlight of the event. Everyone involved appeared to be thoroughly thrilled the goings-on at the conference.

Additionally, the artists were given the opportunity to be interviewed by several of the New Media representatives that attended. Through the interviews, the press gained material for articles, podcasts, and blogs, while the artists gained further exposure. All in all, the Digital Press Conference was a truly fantastic occasion, having brought artists and New Media press together in an environment where they were able to truly take advantage of what each other had to offer.

The digital press conference was a great experience for me as an intern at Ariel Publicity! Despite the large guest list we managed to keep things organized and the artists all got a lot of great press. Rive Video Promotions was a great sponsor and gave all artists in attendance great press opportunities and were so generous with their time. My favorite thing about the press conference was that I felt I was really part of the team and helped to make things happen and accomplish the goal of the event. Everyone had a great time and that was amazing to see.

The artists seemed to really connect with one another and it was a great forum to establish relationships between independent musicians in the business. I also loved being able to meet everyone and put faces to the names that I see so often on emails as well as in our database. Everyone at the event was incredibly friendly as well as patient and understanding of the need for all artists to talk to the press one at a time. The guests helped to make the event run very smoothly by being so understanding. All in all I felt that it was a great event that went off without a hitch! So much hard work from Ariel, Christina as well as our sponsors went into this event and it was great to see this hard work put into action and realized.

The Ariel’s Publicity Digital Press Conference was a huge success! Having as many artists and people of the press present in the amazing upper west side apartment was surprisingly very fun and not as chaotic as it would sound. All the musicians were great, friendly, and very grateful. The best part of the evening for me was being personally thanked by all the artists for assisting in circulating them around to the different digital media people. Knowing that my hard work was actually appreciated felt good. Another great thing about the night was actually meeting the artists face-to-face after getting to know them through their music and bios on our website. Shaking their hands and putting faces to
names was very cool. And lastly the biggest highlight of the night was when I became Rick’s co-host for three segments on his Blog Talk Radio show, On the Road with John & Rick. I would like to give a special thanks for Rive Video Productions, Reverb Nation, and Rock Ridge Music for sponsoring the event.

Imagine being in a Upper West Side penthouse where the 70’s never died, and when you entered the living room you wonder if someone murdered Kermit the Frog or if your just on an acid trip. Now imagine being in such a psychedelic place with dozens of musical artists, podcasters, internet radio stations, and writers all there for one thing, to hear, create, and promote great music.

Everything I just described to you is exactly where I was just this past Tuesday. While the Philharmonic played along in Central Park I was mingling among some of the most amazing Indie artists I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. From the soothing Soft Rock of Deni Bonet to the hard Hip Hop of Michael Lynche, these are just a few of the artists I got to meet and only the tip of the iceberg of the genres of music I got to hear.

The highlight of my evening was truly getting to know the musical artists. I’ve been working for Ariel Publicity for two months now and the only problem with Cyber Publicity is that you never actually get to see the people you are working for, and I remembered how thrilled I was when I meet Carla Lynne Hall and could finally put a face to the music I had been listening to, not to mention that she is a completely amazing person! Or receiving a t-shirt from the quirky Lena and hearing her story about the time she spent a month in prison. It was so gratifying to meet the artists and see just how happy they were with Ariel and all the work we put together for them, and it was humbling to know that what we do is appreciated and needed.

The only downside to the whole event was the heat! With over 100 people in one New York penthouse things are bound to get hot, and indeed it did. But on the upside, “God it’s hot in here!” became a perfect opener to getting to know the artists and press. That was second only to, “What the hell is up with these troll sculptures?!” which if you’ve ever been to Ariel’s parent’s apartment you’d know just what I was talking about.

All in all, I had a blast and loved getting to know the artists and finding out the most amazing things. Such as why Lena named her CD, “Thank You For Your Sex,” or why Jay Della Valle wrote a book on
mustaches. It was a night a small town Indiana boy like me will never forget, and an occasion I was so grateful to attend.


Cyber PR® & CMJ Digital Press Conference – DPC – Episode 2 – WRAP UP


The CMJ Music Marathon took over New York City from October 16-20, 2007 with ground breaking new artists showcasing all over the city. There was no better way to celebrate than with our second full blown Cyber PR Digital Press Conference. Cyber PR hosts these events four times a year and they are collaborations with Cyber PR and other music companies that represent artists looking to gain online.exposure.

The mission is simple: Invite all of the bands and musicians we represent and also invite as many new media outlets and forward thinking technology companies as possible – Bloggers, Podcasters, Internet Radio stations, tech companies, digital marketing agencies and freelancers to attend, eat, drink and get exclusive material from artists and show off their online platforms. The first two have been a smashing success

Our CMJ event was at the Ariel Publicity / Cyber PR, offices and was co-hosted by Fiona Bloom of The Bloom Effect, and Cory Denis of reapandsow.

Our small loft was packed to capacity as artists made their way around the press circuit. The first stop was recording station ID’s for dozens of podcasters and Internet radio stations who could not be in attendance but have supported Cyber PR and played our clients, such as Insomnia Radio, Jersey Todd Show, & The MothPod Podcast

Then it was onto a live streaming interview opportunity with Corey Denis who broadcasted the digital press conference live on as it went along.

Artists then got in front of the camera crews with Eddie Muentes with Hit Records Night Life Video, a local NY/ CT video show. Then Guy Ekstine host and founder of soon to be launched MIAA TV, the premier online destination for global music industry news chatted with bands about the state of the current music industry. Guy also booked a few artists in attendance for an exclusive live performance taping at The Gibson studios for MIAA.

Our favorite chef, Mark Tafoya, the co-founder of the Culinary Podcast Network and two of his own podcasts Remarkably Mark & ReMARKable Palate Podcast, strolled the room recording impromptu interviews and talking food with artists Kerry Polizer whose alter ego is an active food blogger aka Sally Vates.

Dan Herman, of Radio Crystal Blue which spotlights independent, up-and-coming music, attended with his digital recorder in hand.

Our friends Dimple and Jason also gave artists informative tours into the web 2.0 world of Buddy Lube, their digital marketing company.

Tons of other new media professionals flowed in out making it an evening that was equal parts joyous social gathering and serious press function. Robert Blatt of the New York Sun Podcast, Sonny Ray with East Village Radio, Myles Grosovsky with the social networking site Haystack, Ben Lazar of A Deeper Shade of Soul music blog, Michael Gillboe host of Next Big Hit Podcast, Ben Umanov with, Harold Anthony of Jump Off TV, and Chris MacDonald with Indie Feed Podcast just to name a few.

Several artists were in attendance including twelve of our Cyber PR clients Diana Page, FIGO, Girl’s Don’t Cry, I,Synthesist, Jessie Kilguss, Kerry Politzer, King Jazzy, LittleHorse, Darryl Thurston of The Sea Dragons, Josh Ocean of TV/TV, Velvet Code, Wil Deynes. Also other great artists C-mon & Kypski,, Maggie Mayday, Michael Zapruder of Pandora, and the Metermaids came through as well.

The press conference ended at about 9 pm with everybody buzzed and ready to hit the town for a night of CMJ showcases.

We’ll be back with another installment in a few months after the holiday season is over.


Our First Ever Cyber PR® Digital Press Conference – DPC – Wrap Up

YouTube Preview Image

Delicious food, good wine, and great friends: The overwhelming success of the first ever Ariel Publicity Digital Press Conference, served as both the culmination of a year’s hard work in launching Cyber PR and a sign of a promising future for the innovative firm. After a flood of interest, the venue was changed in an effort to accommodate more guests. The new location, Ariel’s parent’s beautiful and spacious apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, made for an evening that was equal parts joyous social gathering and serious press function.Rive Video, one of the most notable names in major label & independent music video promotion, served as event co-sponsor and took over Ariel’s childhood bedroom, creating an impromptu TV studio to host six hours worth of artist interviews for their assorted shows. Everyone’s favorite Internet radio personality, Jerry Bumpsky – with his Lennonesque son Patrick helping on the tech work – broadcasted the entire event live from a den that was transformed into a makeshift recording studio; going four and a half hours uninterrupted with fresh music, artist interviews, live impromptu performances, and the usual comedic banter that his fans love. Attendees were kept on their toes with Kathryn and Nick from Question of the Week roaming the apartment in search of great response to this week’s inquiry (tune in to find out what the question was!) Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue, bounced from artist to artist with a small digital recorder. While some, such as Ajay Chandriani from Mixed Bag Sound System, Mark Petracca of Culture Catch Podcast, and Thea Beemer from Brooklyn Radio, chose to put down the recording devices and keep it casual, preferring cordial conversations with the artists. DJ Copperhead from Next Big Hit Podcast booked several upcoming studio. Given the unique location, journalists had to get creative in finding quiet areas; Curtis Waller, from MTV and Waller Worldwide, set up for video interviews in the kitchen, being forced into momentary pauses as more hors d’oeuvres were taken from the oven to feed hungry guests. At one point, even the bathroom was used for interview purposes, hip-hop artist Ill Phil actually delivered rhymes from the bathtub but that flow was kept brief to avoid an angry line.

Several artists were in attendance including eight from Ariel’s Cyber PR: Darrin James, TRAEDONYA, edibleRed, Joe Deninzon of Stratospheerius, Leiana, Trystette, Kyle Lardner, and the lovely ladies of Lez Zeppelin. Blood Red Sun and Emiko came along with several representatives of ISL Publicity who helped shuttle artists around to interviews. Additionally, the guys from Rive brought Telesma and hip-hop artist Ill Phil Carnage. For many, the six-hour digital press marathon was a first-time experience, and each artist took full advantage, bouncing around every press station for interviews, videos, photos, conversation, and so forth. With such a positive response from all participants, the event was a smashing success, prompting many more, as it may potentially become a quarterly occurrence. The next event, however, will likely be held in a larger venue as the firms network and client list continues to grow.


Blood Red Sun
New York, NY
“Finally, a band out of New York that are not bed-headed Strokes clones. These guys wail, blending old-school riffs with radio-friendly chops. Plus, they’ve got the best female drummer this side of Meg White. Wait a sec, Meg White sucks.” -New York Press

Darrin James Band
Brooklyn, NY
Darrin’s songwriting has a narrative quality that draws us into his world through detailed imagery and captivates us in his mood. Darrin’s voice is expressive and unique, rough-around-the-edges and gravelly like a world-weary everyman that is somehow tragic but wise, heartbroken but funny. Musically, Darrin’s love of American blues and roots music shines through proudly as he draws from a diverse palette of musical styles of the past to create original music that is interesting in its depth and diversity.

New York, NY
Led by firecracker front woman Collette McLafferty, edibleRed is an eclectic New York City-based five-piece collective of atypical musicians. The memorable songs the band creates can be heard on their debut CD, Welcome to My Bad Behavior, slated for release on the day of the press conference May 22 on veteran indie label Select Records.

New York, NY
Indulging a rare breed of rock n’roll of the biggest kind, Emiko is a sensitive and introspective songwriter. Notwithstanding, this girl lives up to the rock legends as a trailblazer who sings, plays keys, takes her own solos, and is unafraid to say what others only dare to think. Having played piano since she was two and half, Emiko has transformed from classical pianist prodigy to rock and roll starlet.

Ill Phil Carnage
Staten Island, NY
A native of Brooklyn (NYC) who now resides in Staten Island (NYC), after college Phil started the independent label Suga’ Shack Ent. He is inspired by early nineties rap and heavy rock influences, but rhymes up to par with today’s standards. Phil has “in-your-face” adrenaline driven anthems with chanting hooks, and punch lines. Amongst the boasting lyrics, however, are innovative songs with meaning that fans can relate to. Phil is always writing and thrives on competition with the “freestyle” and “battle” capabilities of the “backpacking” emcees, but he is a true-to-form studio artist. He is a true voice of Middle America, controversial lyrics with a character, look, and style perfect for commercial marketability.

Kyle Lardner
New York, NY
Although Kyle is just a teenager, she is an incredibly insightful composer/performer. She wrote every song you hear on her album on the piano. With the help of her producer Alan Plotkin he was able to craft her sound into many different genres. This pop, rock and folk. The album was mastered by Greg Calbi (John Lennon, Billy Joel etc.).

Philadelphia, PA
The female-fronted, Philadelphia-based band of seasoned musicians has a rapidly growing fan base in the hardcore and skatepunk worlds. Leiana’s music is the result of the collaboration between the sultry underground vocalist Leiana and veteran musician Chuck Treece. Leiana – produced/co-written by Chuck Treece (Bad Brains, Urge Overkill, Billy Joel, The Roots) The music industry may be more dominated than ever by soulless mega-corporations, but the DIY spirit of bands like Leiana is still alive and definitely still kicking.

Lez Zeppelin
New York, NY
Lez Zeppelin, the New York City-based all-girl, all-Zeppelin quartet, is set to release its self-titled debut album on July 10, 2007, with a nationwide and European tour planned in support of the new record. Since forming in 2004, Lez Zeppelin has gained unanimous critical acclaim as one of the most exciting live acts around, becoming the first female rock act to pay homage to Led Zeppelin and to garner rave reviews across the board. The album was recorded with legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, best known for his work with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and KISS; and was mastered by George Marino, who with Jimmy Page digitally remastered all of the original Led Zeppelin recording.

New York, NY
Stratospheerius is the bastard child of Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Blues Traveler. Lead by electric violinist/vocalist/mandolinist Joe Deninzon, the band has showcased their “psychojazz trip funk” at colleges, festivals, and clubs throughout the US. Their live performances are filled with funky dance grooves, rip-roaring guitar/violin jams, and hooks that mix jazz, funk, and world beat. The group was a winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, won the Online People’s Choice Awards in the Cornucopia Festival, and was named “Best Jam Band” in Musician’s Atlas Independent Music Awards.

Baltimore, MD
Blending ancient and modern instrumentation and spirit, Baltimore-based Telesma bridges the gap between primal and futuristic, setting itself apart from other bands in the music scene with their intoxicating sound and extra-ordinary live performances. Telesma’s unique sound, that has been labeled “electro-acoustic psychedelic world dance music”, is driven by the primal voices of the didgeridoo (one of the oldest instruments in the world, 40,000 years), the kubing (bamboo mouth harp), tribal drums and percussion, and the human voice. These elements are fused with modern instruments including keyboards, guitar, bass, theremin, samplers, modern drums, and the unique homemade “manDrum” to create a trance-like pulse not unlike that heard in modern electronic dance music.

Bronx, NY
The bride of new funk hip opera was born in Rocky Mount, NC , and was raised in the Bronx. In essence she is a country-city girl….a slice of both. Being raised by the funk and hip-hop, she has those influences in her music today. While in college, she was trained in the genre of jazz by some greats at the New School of Social Research in NYC. This cross section of cultures and music has allowed her to be comfortable across musical genres and cultures.