3 Ways to Convert Facebook Engagement from a Profile to a Fan Page

bigstock-We-Love-It-45529564Last week I explored the answers the all-to-commonly asked question of ‘why do I need a Facebook fan page if I already have a Facebook personal profile?’.

And while I hope that got through to some of you who hadn’t yet made the move to a fan page, there is still another question that needs to be addressed, which is:

“Once I have a fan page and have invited all of my friends to join me there, how to I continue to convert fans, and ultimately the engagement, from my personal profile (that has hundreds, if not thousands of friends engaging with me) to a fan page with little-to-no existing engagement?”

This is an incredibly valid question, but in all honestly isn’t an easy one to answer (especially with FB changing their own rules on a monthly basis for how posts are seen by your friends and fans), so let’s take a look at a few simple ways that can become an important part of a long-term strategy to convert fans and engagement from your personal profile to your fan page:

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Cyber PR® Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Soundcloud

SoundCloud is an industry standard for audio sharing with a built in social networking platform.
There are many options and features within SoundCloud that allow musicians to collaborate, promote, and distribute their music. SoundCloud is being described for audio as what Instagram is for photos or what Youtube is for videos.

It enables everything from mobile voice recording, online mastering, digital distribution to Facebook artist profiles, and iPad music making. It is a medium that allows for custom branding, controlled distribution, and statistics.

Free entry to the platform is an obvious reason for DIY musician to use SoundCloud, however below are 4 great reasons why you should give SoundCloud a try:

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3 Critical Reasons Why a Facebook Profile Can’t Replace a Fan Page

Quite often, we have musicians who approach us with the same questions:

“I don’t have a Facebook fan page, but I DO have a personal profile and everyone tells me I need to get a fan page. Why do I need a fan page if I already have hundreds of friends on my personal page?”

This is a very common scenario for independent musicians and unfortunately a personal profile just won’t cut it as an asset in your overall arsenal of marketing tools.

While I’m sure we could come up with dozens of reasons to avoid using a personal profile as a marketing tool rather than a fan page, there are 3 critical comments to a fan page that I’d like to shine a light on:

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Cyber PR® Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Bandcamp

Distribution of music has opened up from being controlled by record labels’ to now being practically free for all musicians.

Being your own record company is a reality for the DIY musician. You have to be able to market, record and distribute your music.

Luckily there are many sites and apps that allow you to propagate your finely tuned songs around the world in seconds. Soundcloud, Reverbnation, are all sites that work; however, BandCamp is the site that will present your music in a way that is visually appealing and also provide tools to build and analyze your fan base.

Bandcamp is different in the way that it acts as a store front for distributing your music that you don’t have to pay to be on, unlike CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon. On the contrary, Bandcamp is 100% free for you to place your music on, but they take 15% of any sales you do make (10% on digital).

This free entry is an obvious benefit for DIY musicians to use Bandcamp, but below are 5 more great reasons to give the service a try:

1. Easy To Set Up, Upload, And Customize

Setting up a BandCamp account is simple and only takes around 15 minutes. After the preliminary set up you can brand your page by customizing the color scheme, lay out, header and put up your album artwork. The way that Bandcamp presents all of the artwork and songs creates a visually attractive digital album that is not possible with other platforms.

2. Compile A Mailing List

One of the best features on Bandcamp and most important for your marketing plan, is that you can set up a mailing list. You can set Bandcamp up in a way that when someone wants to download your music it will ask for an email address, and then send them your music. You can then export the mailing list and save it for monthly newsletters.


Most music platform sites allow you to track your plays. Bandcamp does this as well, but it also allows you to track partial plays, skips, and complete plays. This is a great way to discover what song on the EP will be the single on the album. Bandcamp also allows you to track your “Buzz” which consists of all plays from different sites that the Bandcamp player widget has been embedded on. This is an amazing tool to help track your most popular sites to play music, but also see where your band is being talked about and join the conversation.

Sell Your Music With Options

It’s hard to find a place where you can easily distribute your music and your band merchandise, Bandcamp does this with ease and plenty of customizable presentations. One of the coolest features is the multiple format download option. Just upload an Apple Lossless file and Bandcamp will do all the conversions for this file. You can than offer a free download of the lower quality and name your own price option for the higher quality. You can also set one or multiple tracks free to download and others not, or the whole album for any price you wish.

Discover New Music

If you think you can get through this business without supporting other artists and production teams, then your selfish. Bandcamp allows you to find artists who are near you and interact with them so you can maybe swap gigs, collaborate, or set up a tour together. It’s also a great place to find new music, and see what trends are standing out, so you can mold you marketing plan to fit into the popular niche.

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The 3 Mistakes Every Musician Makes While Using Social Media

Dislike road sign. Thumb down Sign
While social media is a critical component to any musician’s overall marketing strategy, it needs to be done so effectively, or it is likely to become another source of time and frustration, rather than THE source responsible for moving you closer to achieving your goals.

There are quite a few simple pitfalls that musicians often make while using social media that need to be avoided.

By doing so, you will set yourself on a path towards an effective social media presence and a more loyal fan base.

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Top 10 Cyber PR® Artists for Fall 2012

This was one HOT summer here in Brooklyn – thankfully things have started to cool down and it’s getting a bit more comfortable.

Today marks the official first day of fall and it is now once again time to shine the spotlight on the Top 10 Cyber PR® artists. With the level of talent we are consistently representing, this is never an easy decision, however we have succeeded in compiling a list of the top 10 Cyber PR artists that have received the most attention from bloggers, podcasters and internet radio stations. Enjoy and happy fall!

- Ariel, Jon and Team Cyber PR®


Derek Webb


Like Neil Young and Rich Mullins before him, Derek Webb has matured into a fearless artist who delights in betraying expectations, and making art that explores detours, departures and roads less traveled. Take his latest album, Ctrl, which features Webb picking up his acoustic guitar after a long layoff from the instrument. For Webb fans who know and love his past work with Caedmon’s Call, his return to unplugged sounds should come as welcome news: They adore this latest record from start to finish.


Derek Nicoletto

With his first-ever solo album, “Kind Ghosts,” (2011), Billboard-honored singer/songwriter Derek Nicoletto flaunts his knack for infusing unique pop hooks, vivid lyrical imagery and evocative instrumentation into what could be called full-bodied electropop collection of singles. Shaped by Platinum-selling producer Jamie Siegel (Taking Back Sunday, The Roots), Nicoletto’s new direction in “Kind Ghosts” highlights his pure vocal talent upon a backdrop of bubbly, yet sensitive electronica with a signature flair of rocky soulfulness.


The Icarus Account

Brothers Ty and Trey Turner are living their dream as professional musicians writing songs that strike an emotional chord with their listeners. In roughly six years as The Icarus Account, they’ve learned a lot about writing and performing, but ultimately the goal has never changed. “We try to write songs that are honest and relatable,” Trey shares. “One of the most beautiful things about writing songs is that it proves how connected all of us really are. We get messages all the time where people tell us that our songs ‘say everything they are feeling but didn’t know how to express.’ To me it’s really humbling because I’ve never met that person before and yet they are feeling the same feelings that we had when we wrote the song.”


Jason Sinay

Singer-songwriter Jason Sinay leads two lives. In one life, he’s a respected studio guitarist. Sinay has worked with legends such as Neil Diamond, Jerry Lee Lewis, Toots And The Maytals, and produced many notable TV spots, most recently a steamy Super Bowl ad featuring Adriana Lima. In his other life, Sinay enthusiastically leads a virtuosic Americana band with a deeply engaged fanbase. The recently released Ape & The Wall Of Questions, the band’s sophomore release, is the LA-based quintet’s most definitive studio statement. It captures that elusive jam-band ideal of live fluidity documented with pristine-but-vibe-y production; in short, it’s lightning in a bottle.



In 1988, Jack O’Neill and Cary Pierce, the “Jack O” and “Pierce” who make up the seminal acoustic duo, Jackopierce, were playing cover songs in a dingy club with a crummy PA in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. In a moment of young-musician desperation, they whipped up a tune on the spot called “Three of Us In A Boat” to elongate their set. That became a signature track for a decade-long career wherein the two-piece sold 500,000 records over six albums (two for major label A&M) and toured three continents, nine countries, and 44 states. After a five-year breakup, in 2002 the duo reconvened as Jackopierce. Today Jack O’Neill and Cary Pierce have a renewed creative vigor, mutual respect, and deep gratitude for their Jackopierce heritage. These good vibes shine through on JP’s euphoric new album, Everywhere All The Time, which was released on August 28


Anya Parker-Lentz

Anya Parker-Lentz looks like your typical, All-American teenage girl. The sixteen-year old Short Hills, New Jersey resident loves practicing yoga, running, writing, sewing and hanging out with friends. Anya is prone to giggle fits with her closest friends, and shows a unique and inquisitive mind in conversation and in her academic pursuits. Everything changes once Anya sits down at a piano, however. The sweet shyness of a teenager falls by the wayside, and she becomes an intense, brooding and eccentric artist who thrives in the maelstrom of creation. With a distinctive ear for melody, and a perspective on the world that reaches far beyond her sixteen years, Anya is an old soul spinning songs written under the influence of youth.


Shannon Haley

Dual city musician Shannon Haley divides her time between Los Angeles and Nashville, where she maintains writing communities and musical partnerships. No stranger to travelling, she has written many of her songs on airplanes and in the famed traffic of Los Angeles. Originally from (Los Altos in) the San Francisco Bay Area, the singer-songwriter began making trips to Nashville during her college years at UCLA, where she studied opera and graduated with a degree in sociology.


The Midtown Men

As original cast members of Broadway’s Jersey Boys, they took the world by storm in one of the biggest hits of all-time. Now they are together again becoming rock stars in their own right as THE MIDTOWN MEN. Tony Award winner Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and Tony Award nominee J. Robert Spencer are taking their sensational sound on the road once more, bringing to life their favorite “Sixties Hits” from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Motown, The Four Seasons and more.


Jesse Terry

On July 10th critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Jesse Terry released his most courageously emotional music, Empty Seat on a Plane. Immediately upon release, the new record was featured on iTunes’ Discover This and New and Noteworthy pages. “Songwriting is a healing force for me. I’ve used it to talk about my turbulent childhood, and to express emotions about love, loss, and hope. Songwriting saved my life—I was in a dark place before it found me,” the NYC-based troubadour reveals. Terry refined his songcraft at Berklee College Of Music, where he studied songwriting and performance. Two months after graduation, he landed a plum gig as a staff songwriter for a respected publishing house in Nashville, and dove into Music City’s vibrant local scene.


Jensen Reed

Jensen Reed figured out his future in one of those split-second moments that sounds like it fell out of a movie script. He was in high school when a friend from Spanish class said he needed a duet partner for a school talent show. Reed volunteered. They covered the Beastie Boys’ “Pass the Mic.” The crowd went nuts.

“Once I hit that stage, there was no going back,” Reed says. “I knew it was what I wanted to do.”
He’s been honing his skills ever since, first in North Carolina and now in Los Angeles, where he put together his debut album, “Forget About the Cameras,” a hip-hop/pop fusion of organically grown, energetic beats and smooth, smart rhymes that marks the arrival of a distinctive, versatile voice.





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