Intro Video For Social Media House – Ariel’s New 9 Week Social Media Mastery Course

It’s been three years in the making and soon, I am releasing the biggest, baddest fan-building and  online publicity course for those of you who want to know the EXACT STEPS to getting your music heard across the globe.

It’s not rocket science… There is an actual formula for creating die-hard fans who naturally WANT to share your music with others. And there’s a process that creates exposure.

More Fans + More Exposure = More Money – right?

Yep. At least that’s been the case for many clients I have worked with worldwide.

Here’s a little teaser from Social Media House.


P.S. – We only have 3 seats left for Social Media House and 50 is the max. If you are SERIOUS get in now because it WILL sell out! Click here to enroll (with payment options) and bring your ENTIRE BAND, YOUR MANANGER, YOUR MOM, Anyone on your team who can help you!


The Distribution Loop: Turning Average Fans Into Die-Hard Evangelists

I’m just back from France where I attended the MIDEM conference and it was a jampacked four-day whirlwind! I met some wonderful new colleagues and found out about some fabulous emerging platforms to add to your toolbox this year. I’ll be blogging about them. I saw some incredible panels and sat in on a few master classes that were truly inspiring.

For this year’s MIDEM, I created a brand-new talk is called the “The Distribution Loop.

The concept is this: You need to leverage your fans to create a “loop” that begins with a like or a follow on social media and ends with evangelical, enthusiastic fan, then it repeats.

Here is a video of my presentation (it’s only 8 minutes).

Brian Wilkins, my business development extraordinaire participated with me at MIDEM. Brian has vast experience in the major-label marketing world and has worked closely with some household name artists.

He explained how he helped build Rhianna’s fan base to over 1 million on Facebook and how her management team used “The Distribution Loop”, by letting her super fans participate in order to properly build Rhianna’s story. The super fans were trusted among her fans and really helped to shape an authentic conversation that many participated in.

I also presented a deeply expanded version of this concept to an exclusive group of French record labels, which I will be including as a bonus in my Social Media House 9-week online mastery course, which launches on February 18th.

There are only a HANDFUL of spots left, so click here to get one!


Top 10 Cyber PR® Artists for Winter 2013

Over the last few weeks, this blog has been dedicated to our recently finished (and thankfully very successful) Rockethub campaign, as well as to our upcoming, brand new social media mastery e-course called Social Media House.

But today we’re going to take a step aside to once again shine the spotlight on the Top 10 Cyber PR® artists for this 2013 winter season. With the level of talent we represent, this is never an easy decision, however we’ve able to compile a list of the top 10 Cyber PR® artists that have received the most attention from bloggers, podcasters and internet radio stations. Enjoy and happy winter… stay warm!

– Ariel, Jon and Team Cyber PR®


Album CoverTQ sets himself apart with cutting edge songwriting, branching off from traditional R&B content and branding his own type of “Reality R&B.” His latest single “Bad Man”, featuring Mystikal from his upcoming album Legendary was just recently released.


Michael ColtonAs bluesy as a rusty guitar with a bottle of whiskey, Michael adds gospel and blues to create a landscape of trials and tribulations. Michael’s latest album “The Robert Johnson Sessions” is now available for review.


natalya Cover FINALNatalya is like Adele and Ingrid Michaelson morphed into a single diva and about 5 years younger. Her debut album, “Whisper” is dynamically diverse, from the shimmering, amorous folk pop of “My Heart,” to the lush warmth of “I’ve Got A Friend,” to the graceful melancholy of “Don’t Say Nothing.”.


Kent GustavsonKent Gustavson does it all from being a musician to a teacher to a writer. Kent’s book, the unofficial biography of legendary bluegrass musician Doc Watson, “Blind But Now I See” is now available for review!


Jamie BlockJamie Block is one of a kind; combining magic, madness and whimsy to tell deep emotional truths. For Jamie’s latest album “Whitecaps On The Hudson”, he has created a wildly unique music video to accompany each song. The videos for the 4 songs from the album are all on his Virtual Press Kit and are available for exclusive premiere!


Grace KellyFor Grace Kelly musicality is oceanic, and she dives into it boldly on her latest album, “Grace Kelly Live At Scullers”, finding sounds that are vastly divided like Jazz, Americana and smoldering Funk.


David AlterDavid Alter digs deeply in his music by his masterful writing; capturing bold truths in well-crafted soft rock. David’s new album “Songs for Sale”, is a collection of 10 track carefully culled from a catalog of 100 tracks written over 20 years.


Common MamaCommon Mama has an exceptional voice along with music that is not only mesmerizing but also very comforting. Common Mama singer Jon Kenzie’s folksy vocals evoke Cat Stevens and Paolo Nutini, he has the optimum blend of sandpaper and satin to compliment Italian composer/ songwriter Ferdinando Arnò’s shimmering indie pop compositions.


La CatrinLa Catrin is a beautiful and sultry combination of Evanescence and Lady Gaga, but just a tad more on the darker side. Her stunning debut, Humans Are My Keyboards, is a soaring, leather-dipped album that is poetic, insightful, and full of sharp hooks.


SerapicosSerapicos is an indie/punk scruffy genius, imaginative arrangements and surprising stylistic references played with an unbridled charm! The recently released 15-song opus, Serapicos Is A Town, is a wry, witty, and imaginative indie rock debut from a promising young pop composer.


5 Burning Social Media Questions Answered – Social Media House Pre-Launch Q&A Call Recap

For those of you who missed it, last night (1/24) I ran an ‘office hours’ style Q&A call as a follow up to the ‘9 Mistakes Musicians Make Using Social Media’ teleseminar that Ariel and I put on the week before.

Both of these calls have been leading up to the big announcement of the brand new Cyber PR® 9-week social media mastery e-course, Social Media House, which launches on Feb 18th (FYI – there are only 9 spots left so join us NOW!).

The purpose of last night’s call was simple – to discuss any burning questions about social media that the ‘9 Mistakes’ teleseminar was bound to stir up. Oh and stir it did. We had over 100 people on the call last night, and spent almost an hour and a half addressing some really fantastic, and important questions.

To give a nice recap to the fantastic call, here are the 5 best burning questions that were asked on last night’s call:

1. Considering all the options for social media promotion, what do you feel is the priority list? i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Where should i spend the most time / investment?

The priority of where you spend the most of your time should lie in where your fans are. This means that BEFORE you start marketing and engaging with fans through social media, you need to have the following:

1. An understanding of who your ideal fan is so that you can seek them out.
2. An understanding of the community demographics of each unique social media platform so that you can best target where your ideal fan is spending most of his or her time.

Once you have figured this out, you can determine which social media platforms should take priority.

2. What’s a good way to get your Twitter followers talking about/checking out your music without spamming them with links?

The best (and really ONLY) way to get people to check out and eventually talk about your music is to have REAL conversations with them. It is through this two-way conversation that you will build relationships, which are the only way to establish real supporters (fans!) that will listen, share and advocate your music.

This all comes down to understanding that Twitter is a conversation tool and not a broadcast tool, and using it as such on a consistent basis.

3. If I have $50 – $100 a month to use promoting my music, how would that money best be spent?

I love this question and I’m so glad we had a chance to talk about this. Before you establish yourself through social media, you need to establish your hub – the place that you OWN online, that will never go away, no matter what social media platform is popular.

This amount of money is perfect for establishing and maintaining your online hub, which consists of three things:

1. Your own official website (
2. Your blog (this should be built in to your website)
3. Your newsletter

4. How many emails per week would you say is acceptable? I’m currently sending out 2-3 per week and some people are saying it’s too much.

Unlike social media, which for the most part is understood to be a public-facing endeavor, email has been and will always remain a very private and personal platform.

If fans are willing to give you an email address, they are expecting that you will respect and appreciate the fact that you now have access to them directly. Giving an email address, in this respect, is no different than giving a mailing address and a phone number.

In order to remain responsible to your fans and respect their wishes of not feeling taken advantage and overly marketed to, you should keep your newsletter to once a month.

5. What is a realistic time period for developing my 1,000 true fans?

There is no easy way to answer this question, which is exactly why I was so glad it was asked. It MUST be understood that there is no magic bullet for building a fan base.

What works for one person, may never work for another.

And don’t think that this is just the way it goes for musicians. All brands in any industry have a difficult time building a fan base (or customer base). It is the reason why 95% of small businesses fail.

That said, understanding what it takes to establish a fan base is most definitely the first step toward success.

Once you’ve got this under your belt, you’ll be able to work on a strategy that works for you, and for your fan base, so that you have the opportunity to reach the 1,000 true fan mark.

This may take you a year. This may take 10 years.

There is no magic bullet for success in the music industry, so all you can do is create a great product (your music!) and a great strategy that caters to, and nurtures your fans.

And this brings me back to our new course, Social Media House…

This 9-week e-course is designed to help you to understand how social media platforms work and how to use this information to build a strategy that works for you, your team and your fans.

Join us in Social Media House – this course kicks off Feb 18th and there are only 9 spots left! REGISTER NOW!



Social Media House: Ariel’s New Online Course for 2013

In 2012, Facebook changed the rules 12 separate times.

This means that on 12 separate occasions, Facebook changed the way your posts are seen by your fans, the way your fans engage with you and THIS MEANS they changed the way you can grow your fan base and make money.

I’m looking to work with 50 of best creatives who are ready to STEP UP and take your career to a place you’ve never done before.

Click HERE to LISTEN TO THE REPLAY of the exclusive 60-minute call to kick off the New Year focused on building your career!


THURSDAY, January 24th – 8PM EST
Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 596072#
To attend online:

Jon Ostrow and Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR and Mic Control will teach you:

  • The 9 things you are DOING WRONG NOW (and you have wasted time and money on them in the last year)
  • How to make these critical changes in 2013 to build your career in the music business
  • How to set yourself up to be a music marketing pro in 2013

See you then! (if you can’t make the call you will get access to the Instant Replay)

Ariel & Jon

Everyone Thinks They Know How To Use Social Media

Social Media is now mainstream media…

For anyone looking to get more exposure it can be the silver bullet.

However, a vast majority of you are using social media all wrong.

Everyone thinks they know how to use sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but few of us know how to use them effectively to actually engage fans.

You are Missing That ONE Thing to Focus On

You are missing that ONE thing to focus on that will actually increase:

  • your visibility
  • your fan base
  • your Return On Investment (ROI)


When I talk about investment I mean the investment of your time as well as any money you spend marketing and promoting.

I’m thrilled to be rolling out my best course ever. Social Media House will teach you how to optimize your overall approach to social media & online marketing and make it work effectively for you.

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Dialed In Exposure & Die Hard Fans – Your 9-Week Plan:

Week 1: Your Social Media Strategy

- How will social media help me?
– Social media takes forever, how can I do it more efficiently?
– Do I have to show my personal life to be successful on social media?
– I have nothing to say, how do I stay ‘consistent’?

You know what Social Media is and how to use the basics but it’s time to learn the one thing 99% of people are not focusing on and put a strategy into place around this thing so you can set yourself up for success.

Week 2: Your Website

- Do I really need a website with all of this social media?
– Is my website good enough?
– What elements do I need to have on my website?
– How can I build an inexpensive website?

Learn to optimize and monetize your website more effectively. You have 3.5 seconds to get their attention or they will leave your page.

Week 3: Facebook

- How do I get my fans from my personal page over to my fan page?
– Do I really need a fan page AND a personal page?
– How do I keep my branding on point when Facebook is only blue and white?
– How do I get more ‘likes’ on my page?
– How do I get more people to see my posts?

Learn the best strategies apps and plug-ins for making the ever-changing Facebook a powerful fan-building machine and a showcase for your music, list building and videos.

Week 4: Twitter

- Who cares if I’m eating a tuna sandwich?
– Why do people make the stupidest updates ever and post them to Twitter?
– Why are all of these people following me and who are they?
– What the heck is an @ or an RT or a #?
– How do I effectively, REALLY use this platform? It makes no sense.

Many are on Twitter but there is much room for improvement.  Find out how to use Twitter more effectively and find new fans to follow and engage with you.

                             Week 5: YouTube

- How do I go viral on YouTube?
– Do I need a YouTube Channel?
– What types of videos should I be creating to connect with my audience?
– How do I make money on YouTube?

We will have you amassing fans and attention on the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Garnering more subscribers & fans doesn’t mean you have to make new videos.

Week 6: Blogging

- Why should I blog? I have nothing to say…
– How do I get bloggers to pay attention to me?
– How do I optimize and monetize my blog?
– How do I blog without wasting a huge amount of time?

Learn the easiest blogging platforms and how to blog without wasting huge amounts of time or causing yourself stress.

Week 7: Pinterest

- What is Pinterest?
– I hear only females use it and it’s for shopping… is that true?

Sharing photos have just become a fun (and easy)! Learn how Pinterest can be a way for you to showcase your personality, and connect with fans that can lead to meaningful blog traffic.

Week 8: Newsletter

- Newsletters are all spam, why should I write one?
– How do I get people to open my newsletter?
– What’s the point of a newsletter with so much social media available?
– How do I track my newsletter?

Learn how to write captivating content and distribute newsletters that build trust and loyalty, whether you are on or off the road. An effective newsletter strategy will result in higher sales.

                 Week 9: Fan Funding & Continuum Programs

- How do I join the revolution?
– How do I get my fans to support my dream?
– Will a fan funding campaign help me find new fans?
– What happens if my campaign fails?

The internet is a powerful way to raise money for projects and get your fans to fund endeavors, attend VIP events and participate in special opportunities with you. Many artists complain that they feel like carnival barkers when approaching fan funding. Find out how to create a program that will get you paid and keep your self-esteem intact.




Register for Social Media House NOW!


We Did It! My Crowd Funding Campaign is OVER

I am sitting here in a state of utter disbelief!

My crowd funding has been humbling, scary, confronting, and in the end totally uplifting!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on this journey with me

and for being the wind, the waves,  the road…… and the Net


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