Maximizing Your Engagement – Dillon Francis Case Study [Infographic]

For the past six weeks we’ve been busy keeping tabs on 20 different Fan Pages from different bands and brands. Through this research, we hoped to find out what and when drives strong and long-term engagement and why it does so.  We’re still crunching all the numbers and putting together all our fancy graphs, but our fantastic intern, Katie Kernoodle, put together a case study of the most impressive artist in our study. As a teaser, we’re giving you this infographic and a break down from Katie as to why this artist was better than all the rest. Enjoy!

“In our study of musicians, which drew from a wide range of genres and popularity levels, an up-and-coming DJ from Los Angeles stood out with consistently strong rates of engagement.

Electronic producer Dillon Francis dominated our study with engagement rates as high as 25.48%, meaning a full quarter of those that receive his posts are liking, commenting, or sharing.  To put this in perspective, the average musician engagement rate in our study, including Dillon Francis, 3.13%.  Francis alone had an average engagement rate 7x higher than the total average of the other nine musicians together. The infographic included below outlines my perspective on why his approach to Facebook is so successful and how it can be applied generally.”


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Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites –

There are so many companies creating audio players and widgets; some are great and some, well, not so much. But all we really want to do is just get our music heard. And while the magic player that ensures everyone hears your music hasn’t been created yet (be patient, I’m working on it), there are some that do a fantastic job of increasing the ‘share-ability’ of your music. One such player is is a platform that provides artists the ability to create players and promo pages. Now I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but what makes these players cool (besides how slick they look) is that they are embed-able, share-able, track-able, download-able, email address capture-able (work with me here), everything-able!

Let’s say you have one of these bad boys up on your website, then a friend comes along and listens to your latest track. He loves it (of course) and decides to embed it on his own personal blog. One of his readers listens, loves it (of course) and decides to share it to his Facebook Timeline. This particular person happens to be rather popular and, consequently, has countless friends who all listen (because they just have to press play, and don’t have to leave Facebook to listen, very cool) and all love it (of course)! A few of those countless friends also happen to be bloggers. They grab the embed code and put it on their own blogs and…. you get where this is going.

Back on your side of things. While your song is busy going viral, you’ll be busy looking at how many plays you’re getting and where they’re all coming from. This is one of my favorite parts (I’m a sucker for stats). not only tells the geographical location of the plays and views, but it also tells you what site they came from. So if you get your player on 4 different blogs, you know exactly how many plays you got from each of those blogs. Hip.

But what about these promo pages I talked about earlier? I’m glad you asked. With you can build ‘promo pages’ for individual songs or playlists you have loaded. This gives you the ability to direct to people to a specific URL that contains the songs you want them to hear. Building on this, recently put out ‘Official Pages’ which displays selected tracks as a ‘gallery’ of songs. These pages are highly customizable and are a great way to present your music to fans.

The savvy artist might turn on the feature that allows users to download the songs in exchange for an email address. Imagine in our example from before how many email addresses could have been collected. Admittedly, it was a fanciful example, but the point still stands. players encourage sharing like few others. didn’t forget about usability. One of the key features of is collaboration. Some artists can handle everything themselves, but many have ever growing teams handling many different sides of their business. makes it easy to invite team members in as collaborators so the promotion of your music can move forward unencumbered by everyone searching for user names and passwords.

But the biggest reason to use is this video:

Have you used yet? What to you think of their player? Is their collaborator feature truly useful?

Let us know what you think in the comments section or hit me on Twitter, @jloom718!


The Musician’s Guide To Monitoring Your Online Brand

This guest post was written our very own Jon Ostrow, Cyber PR®’s publicity director, who can be reached by email or on Twitter!

By now it should be more than obvious that as an artist or a band member, you need to be thinking about how you can leverage the power of blogging and social media to create a strong brand, an ever expanding online presence and a growing fan base (both in terms of loyalty and size).

While social media and blogging offer an incredible amount of opportunity to organically grow a meaningful brand through positive fan interaction and social sharing, there is also an unavoidable truth that all musicians must be aware of:



The Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites

In the spirit of our recent mobile obsession, I bring you Mobile Backstage; another app development company focused on delivering customized mobile apps for artists. Mobile Backstage has a cool social media twist that sets them apart from the other app developers we’ve discussed recently. I’ve already talked about the benefits of having a mobile app here, so I’ll skip that now and jump straight into the features.


What I Learned This Year…

This week has been a whirlwind. Monday and Tuesday I spent at the New Music Seminar,
and yesterday was my birthday (I was humbled by the Facebook posts, tweets and phone
messages I received from artists saying thank you to me).

For those of you who know me, I tend to reflect on my birthday.

This year, here is what I’m thinking about…

I’ll be honest, this year was not an easy one. A global recession, the continuing
shape-shifting of the music business and turning 40 made me think long and hard
about my career and the artists I choose to serve.

I asked a lot of people for advice and guidance this year about what to do, quite
a few “strategists” and “consultants” who have been fired from major record labels
and they say this:

“What you really need to do is ‘BREAK’ an unknown artist, or if only you had a HUGE
name on your client roster, you’d be able to parlay that into a whole new level of SUCCESS!!!”.

I guess what they don’t realize is that I am already experiencing an amazing level
of success by serving incredible artists who are mostly not household names (I did that
in a past life, and that’s another misery-filled story for another day).

Here’s what I want to tell you today:

Share yourself with authenticity
Give away as much as you can
Provide people an experience
(as the blog post says: people don’t want your download, they want an experience and that is you)

That is the foundation of a magical career.

With Love and Respect,


How To Make Your Facebook Timeline POP!

There is a fabulous feature that will help you highlight the things that happen throughout your life and career that you would like to post onto your Facebook Page.

This is a phenomenal tool for going back in time and recording important things in the history of your personal life, your band life, or anything else you might like to have highlighted.

For artists that have histories with other bands this is doubly amazing because you can go back and create milestones for practically anything, and really build your story.

Here are a few things you can add:

  • Past tour dates
  • Past album release dates
  • Past press placements & radio add dates
  • The day you saw an amazing concert that inspired you
  • The day you were signed to a label
  • The day you were dropped from a label
  • The day you got your publishing deal
  • The day you recorded your first song
  • The day you entered the studio
  • The day you had your first vocal lesson
  • Etc.

Anything that was important in the history of your band and your life and your music can be added as a milestone.

Here’s how to create a milestone on your timeline in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Login to Facebook, go to the Status / Post Bar and click milestone

Step 2: A box will appear. Input all the information – Fill out the event name/ location and date.

Step 3: Tell a story about the milestone- Why was it significant?

Step 4: Add any photos that relate to the milestone

Step 5: Click Save and your milestone will be published on your timeline

TIP: Make sure when you create a milestone to add a photo, a little story or blurb, or a link to another site that helps to tell the story of that particular milestone.

Now your entire timeline will be robust and look amazing!

TIP: Note: If you are going to be adding multiple milestones at once I suggest that you check the box that says “hide from your newsfeed” so that your fans do not receive a whole bunch of notifications at once.