Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Facebook’s Timeline

It’s a big day today, folks, and the office is all a buzz about the exciting new Facebook developments. What Facebook developments, you ask? What!? You haven’t heard??? Timeline has arrived in full force and is now available for brands! Timeline has been received with resistance by some users (but what Facebook update isn’t?), so this may not be music to everyone’s ears. But as far as bands and brands are concerned, this is a powerful move. I tend ramble on a lot at the beginning of these posts, but I’m pretty excited about Timeline, so I’m jumping right in here.

The most noticeable change is the giant cover photo bands can now implement. This was a cool feature for personal profiles and allowed users to show off their creativity (or that amazing photo you took of the sunset on vacation), but it is a really powerful branding tool for bands. Loading up an eye catching photo will help draw fans into your page and solidify your image. Branding has always been a little tricky on Facebook fan pages as you had to use certain apps to effectively do this, but this left the wall essentially “unbranded.” Cover photo solves this issue and brings a whole new life to the “wall.”

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Replay The FREE Q&A Call From Feb 29th

Replay The Follow up Q&A call From Wednesday Feb 29th

In case you missed it, you can still get in on the premier call for the Music Success Teleseminar series and learn the secrets I’ve used to help thousands of musicians break through to success using social media.

A few weeks ago, Corey Denis and I discussed engaging fans and fixing past mistakes many musicians make online on a teleseminar call with over 300 musicians.

A stream of the entire 1 hour teleseminar is now available accompanied by my slides so you can follow along here!

Replay the Teleseminar Q&A Call From Feb 29th

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Guest Post: Creative Ways to Raise Money for your Recording Project

This is a guest post by Darren Gallop, CEO of Marcato Musician.

Few musicians have the luxury of independent wealth or the backing of a record label with enough cash to cover the cost of recording. Most musicians have to work really hard to raise cash in order to head into the studio. This is especially the case if it is your first recording.

Before you start raising money, you should have a budget for your recording and know exactly how much you need to raise.

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Digital Dollars Seminar – Let’s Get Social Panel

Jason, Director of New Media Maker Relations at Ariel Publicity, was recently invited to speak on a panel with Bob LeDrew, Suzie Vinnick and Emma Julien at the Digital Dollars Seminar, moderated by Johan Hultqvist. Jason and the other panelists discuss using various social media platforms to promote music, best practices on Facebook and Twitter, growing your mailing list, different ways to help monetize via social media and more.

The Digital Dollars Seminar is a partnership between the Toronto Blues Society, Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, Batuki Music Society and Lula Music and Arts Centre funded by the Province of Ontario Cultural Strategic Investment Fund.

Watch live streaming video from torontobluessociety at

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Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Broadtexter

Getting butts in seats. The age old problem that only seems to get harder. You send out Facebook invites that get largely ignored, post tweets that get lost in a sea of tweets, write newsletters to only have your fans forget to come the day of the show and put up flyers that nobody even reads. While, all of these steps are important (being a digital guy, I debate the continued effectiveness of physical flyers, but we won’t go there now) the main issue with all of them is they lack immediacy. And immediacy is absolutely vital in a world where attention spans are shrinking by the second.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve RSVP’d ‘Attending’ on a Facebook event and then completely missed the event because I just plain forgot (for those of you who know me, my terrible memory does not play in to this, so don’t bring it up). And I know I’m not the only one who does this. Most people I know ignore Facebook events all together. Conversely, most people don’t ignore their text messages, and most of my weekend hangs are organized spontaneously via texting (my dad hates this about my generation). Which, at long last (is it just me, or are my intros getting longer?), brings me to Broadtexter!

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Listen to Ariel’s FREE Teleseminar Now!

Social Media Mastery: Tools & Discourse

This teleseminar is now over, but you can still sign up and receive access to the full recording and slides for free!

Presented by: Ariel Hyatt and Corey Denis

It’s 2012 and Social Media is mainstream media. We all know how to use sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but few of us know how to use them well enough to engage friends and fans effectively and track ROI (return on investment).

This FREE teleseminar will teach you basic principles that you need to know and understand to set yourself up for online success.

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