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When setting up a Facebook fanpage most artists realize they need to have songs, videos, concert dates, etc. readily available on their page (if you don’t realize this, it’s true, you need it). There are a few big players in this space that most people default to, ReverbNation, Rootmuisc and Fanbridge. CD Baby and Bandcamp also have some pretty nice players, although these two are more focused on selling the music, so they don’t have added features like video players and concert dates. But there’s one app that I feel is often over looked, despite it’s slick layout and ease of use; FanRx. Before I go any further on this post, I’d like to take a moment to say I’m not picking favorites here, we love Fanbridge, Rootmusic and ReverbNation and have used them all extensively. Here at Ariel Publicity we adamantly maintain our neutral status (at least until you catch me with a few drinks down the hatch).

On to FanRx. I’ve seen this app in passing on different fan pages, but didn’t really pay too much attention until the newest Ariel Publicity team member, Jon Ostrow, came in raving about it. Turns out, one of Jon’s favorite bands, The Black Keys (up and coming group, you may have heard of them), uses this app and so we spent half the day just playing with it.

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The Musician’s Guide To Finding, Managing and Reading Music Blogs

I believe that getting reviewed on blogs is critical for every musician because it helps create a bigger footprint for you online, builds awarness and allows for a two-way conversation around your music

Here is a section from the recently released third edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks. To understand blogs I highly suggest you watch these two wonderful videos from the amazing Commoncraft website that explain all you need to know to get started.

STEP 1: Movie Time!

RSS in Plain English –

Blogs in Plain English –

Now that you have an understanding it’s time to get prepared to manage your blog reading.

STEP 2: Create Your Google RSS Reader

Setting up your RSS Reader is the perfect way to get the information you want (not only from blogs but from also from other sites you frequent) to be delivered to you, instead of having to check constantly to see what blog has been most recently updated.

You can set up your own Google RSS Reader by heading over to and signing up using your existing Google account information.

STEP 3: Create Your Blog Reader Profiles

A Blog Reader Profile is wonderful because it will show the blogger and the reader community that you have visited a blog even if you do not choose to comment each and every time. This leaves a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to you, which shows others what you are interested in.

Setting this up just a few minutes:


When you get to this site, press the ‘Get your Gravatar today’ button and set up your profile. Add your photo, short bio and links to your website, Facebook and Twitter.

STEP 4: Choose A Few Blogs To Get Started – Look, Lurk, Leap!

Before you dive in and just start commenting on blogs I suggest you spend some time reading blogs and understanding the culture of each one you like and the authors who create them. After a few posts you will begin to get a good idea of wheter or not this will be a blog you will return to over and over – add it to your RSS reader so you don’t miss new posts and voilia!

According to some statistics there are currently over 100 million active bloggers today. Blogs, as you know, can be about any topic. A few dozen people read some blogs, while some are read by millions. The vast majority of all bloggers create blogs for no financial gain whatsoever; in fact it usually costs music bloggers money to host their files and maintain their blogs. A blog is usually a private endeavor. Most bloggers create their blogs as a personal outlet where they can talk about their lives, their opinions, and the things that they like and dislike – it’s basically an online diary.

To find blogs that are right for you won’t take long – just dive in and start reading them. The ones that resonate will jump out at you.

Here is a great place to start finding music blogs:

Music Blogs

The Hype Machine

What it is?: (From Hype Machine) To put it simply, the Hype Machine keeps track of what music bloggers write about. We handpick a set of kicka** music blogs and then present what they discuss for easy analysis, consumption and discovery. This way, your odds of stumbling into awesome music or awesome blogs are high. This site also tracks the most blogged about artists and songs on their network.

Music Business Blogs

And here are my favorite Music Thought / Music Industry / Music Technology blogs

Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR
Every week we write about marketing and PR, interview new media makers and review killer apps for musicians.

Music Think Tank

A group blog bringing together key thinkers in the realm of online music business. Disclaimer – I write for this blog

Derek Sivers

Daily thoughts for entrepreneurs and musicians.


A journal of music, technology and the new music business.

Artists House

Video interviews with top music industry professionals on a broad range of topics about music and music business.

CD Baby

CD Baby’s DIY Musician is a daily blog that focuses on digital music promotion advice.


The Bandzoogle blog offers weekly music promotion and artist website optimization advice.


One of the largest daily news from all aspects of the music industry.

Bobby Owsinski

Daily digital promotion, social media, and apps and tools from one of the most versatile and impressive music production writers.

Social Media


Comprehensive reporting on any and all social media developments.

Brian Solis

Brian Solis is principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm. Solis is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. A digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging media on business, marketing, publishing, and culture. His current book, Engage, is regarded as the industry reference guide for businesses to build and measure success in the social web.

Seth Godin

In my humble opinion, Seth Godin is the Godfather of marketing. He has written 13 books and every single one has been a bestseller. His blog posts are simple and easy to digest on a daily basis and written in plain english.

If you have a favorite blog you read please share it here!

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Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Onesheet (Part 2)

I first wrote about Onesheet last July back when it was still new and exciting and seemed like a good place holder until you could build a ‘real’ website. Well in the meantime, creator Brenden Mulligan has not been sitting idly by waiting for a competitor to outdo his creation. Instead, Brenden has been busy building in all the features I thought were missing from the original version. With these new features I find my self rethinking my original position from the first blog post; “while I don’t want to give the impression that creating a Onesheet excludes you from needing a website, this is a fantastic option that can take care of your web presence needs while you build a website the right way.”

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Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Artist Growth

Welcome to the first edition of Musician’s Arsenal in 2012. We’re starting off with a brand new app just released on January 17th that looks to make quite the impact in 2012; Artist Growth. A few months back, Jonathan (@jonathansexton) and Jacob (@jacobjones) came into our office to film Ariel (more on that later) and give us a spin around their new app, and I was very impressed. There’s a lot to say about this app, so let’s not waste any time here.

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Ariel Hyatt Releases Third Edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks


Ariel Hyatt Releases Third Edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks With Forward Written by Derek Sivers

Global Expansion for Cyber PR® and an Official Cyber PR® Course at MTSU are Tributes to Her Own Book’s Advice on Success

Brooklyn, NY – In 2003, Ariel Hyatt, founder of Ariel Publicity in New York City, threw out the traditional publicity rule book and went “digital” with her venture Cyber PR® foreseeing the impact the advent of the internet and social media would have on public relations long before her peers.

Ariel’s Cyber PR® process marks the intersection of social media with engaged behavior, PR, and online marketing.  Her efforts to realize the public relations potential of social media while scaling her business resulted in innovation.  Ariel developed her web-based platform, Cyber PR®, to automate much of the traditional PR process and maximize client placement with new media makers.

Ariel didn’t just provide the platform; she made it her mission to educate artists on how to take advantage of the digital world. Her signature system Music Success in Nine Weeks is the cornerstone of her mission. Her message is so compelling that she has been invited to speak at festivals and conferences in twelve countries, including SXSW, MIDEM (France), CMJ, ASCAP’s I Create Music, Canadian Music Week, APRA’s Song Summit (Sydney), You Are In Control (Reykjavik), The ECMAs, and Grammy Camp. Ariel also hosts a widely popular video and newsletter series, Sound Advice, offering information about the emerging music business for musicians and music entrepreneurs.

In the Fall of 2011, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)  a globally recognized leader in the world of music business schools debuted an official Cyber PR® class based on the principals used in Ariel’s day-to-day business and in Music Success in Nine Weeks. She and her staff led students in a rigorous Cyber PR® accreditation process that included hands on experience working on active Cyber PR® Campaigns.

Just released in its third edition, with a forward by Derek Sivers, Music Success in Nine Weeks can easily be deemed the “what to do next” bible for both new and established artists. It provides the missing manual for musicians trying to make sense of social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and teaches them how to make profitable businesses.

With her candid workbook style, it feels like you are sitting down with Ariel, scribbling your own ideas all over the book’s pages. Each book comes with a lifetime membership to join her online forum: Ariel’s Cyber PR® Mastermind where readers get support from fellow readers, and from Ariel and her staff.  The hands-on guide and support provides structure to what often feels like chaos.

“I am guiding musicians to take off their artists’ hats for a nine weeks and put on their business hats,” says Ariel. Her tactics have actualized exponential success for her most proactive readers by giving them a solid business strategy.

Her tools and approach are so meaningful in today’s digital music marketing landscape that her firm is expanding globally. At MIDEM 2012, Cyber PR® will announce their first international licensing partnership in France. Later this year, Ariel plans to expand into other international markets where popular music is consumed and marketed via social networks.



The book is available in ebook and paperback  exclusively at:

For a review copy of the Third Edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks

or to arrange an interview with Ariel Hyatt, please contact:

Jon Ostrow at (212) 239-8384 •


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2012 Social Media & Marketing Predictions From Team Cyber PR®

A few days ago, the unstoppable Bob Baker asked me to write my predictions for marketing your music in 2012. I was included amongst a list of incredible thought leaders and it sparked a conversation here in the Cyber PR Office. So I asked my trustworthy team to share their own predictions for this coming year. Here they are:

Ariel Hyatt – President Ariel Publicity
Founder of Cyber PR®
Twitter: @CyberPR

1. Staying Positive and In Gratitude Will Help Tremendously
Before I make any music marketing trends and predictions for 2012 here’s where to start:
Remember, success in today’s quicksand like music business is HARD and takes WORK, getting into a negative, overwhelmed and angry place will directly effect your success. I’ve seen it now thousands of times in 12 countries. The artists I know who manage to stay positive and who are grateful for the little wins and for the small miracles are happier, more successful and go farther than their counterparts who let it all get the best of them.

2. Music Subscription Sites Will Continue To Takeover
Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Deezer MOG & Slacker.
These subscription based streaming sites are great for music consumers & not so great for artists. To stay ahead of the pack smart artist markers are going to have to come up with clever ways to incorporate their music and sharing on these powerful platforms that have music consumers going gaga. Sadly this will mean less revenue from sales of music but could provide great opportunities for discovery based creative marketers

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