Idol Thoughts: The 4 Key Factors That Michael Lynche Posseses That Make Him Not Only A Great American Idol But Also A Lifelong Artist

Yesterday, I guest lectured at NYU for a group of Music Business students. One of them asked me an excellent question:

Is there a formula for success in today’s music business? (more…)


NEW MEDIA PIONEER: Bree Noble of Women of Substance Internet Radio

Featuring female performers who deliver vocal excellence, depth of character, and lyrics that leave a lasting impression.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your blog. What inspired you to start it?

A) Women of Substance Radio is a streaming, online radio station which airs 24/7 on the Live365 Network. Our tagline is “Whether you’re a label artist or an Independent, if you’ve got great music, you’re on Women of substance Radio.” Substance can be defined as “significant quality with the implication of a hidden or special significance.” Music of Substance is not just entertainment or fluff, but has an essential “core” brimming with heart, soul, and spirit. Women of Substance Radio plays music by female performers who deliver high quality music that speaks to the listener through vocal excellence, depth of character and emotion, and lyrics that leave a lasting impression. (more…)


Beyond Direct-to-Fan

Brooklyn, NY. April 1, 2010 – Everybody is talking about direct-to-fan, and how it is changing the way musicians can sustain themselves. Never before have musicians had so much direct communication with their tribes.

Sometimes I look at this progression and think, “What could possibly be next?” Boundaries are often pushed so far so fast that it is difficult for us to even forecast a possible next step, let along carry one out.

If you too are stumped by this question, look no further than UK duo, Rob and Kal.

Rob and Kal (click on the photo to access their Twitter account)

They are allowing the entire world to be involved in their creative process. I think that bares repeating: they are allowing the entire world to be involved in their creative process.

Dubbed “Mubla 2.0” (album spelled backwards), their interactive project is allowing any and all music lovers to see, hear, and most importantly, take part in the recording of an album from start to finish.

Never before have I seen a band put so much trust in their fans.

I could continue to talk about it, but I’d rather you head over to and experience the ingenuity. My blabbering will not do this justice.

I truly respect these guys, and hope you too will see the brilliance in what they are attempting to do.

Christopher Gesualdi is currently the Marketing Director at Ariel Publicity


5 Questions For Dave Kusek on The Cloud, Topspin, Hype Machine, SoundCloud, and The Death of MySpace

Dave Kusek, the author of The Future of Music, is a man who needs no introduction but just in case you don’t already know him he’s Vice President at Berklee College of Music and he is responsible for managing the online music school,  He also  recently launched a  new service that helps musicians empower themselves called, Music Power Network.

Since he is a prolific blogger, futurist and strategist (read all about that on his blog ) I wanted to ask him his opinion about some of the hottest buzzwords in the Music Business Today: The Cloud, Topspin, Hype Machine, SoundCloud the death of MySpace,

Ariel: OK Dave, here’s how this will work. I am going to throw some one-sentence statements at you pertaining to the music industry. I’d like you to state whether you think each statement is true or false, and then provide an explanation for your choice.

Dave: Sounds good. Shoot… (more…)


Sound Advice TV – The Tao of the Conference with Derek Sivers – Lessons from SXSW 2010

I’m at SXSW and I just watched Derek Sivers give his presentation – The Tao of the Conference – where he dished out some of his best advice on how to be effective at SXSW.

He did this wiki style and included wonderful short clips from industry leaders including Tim Ferriss, from The Four Hour Workweek @tferriss, voice teacher Wendy Parr @Wendyparr,  and Greg Rollet from Gen Y Rockstars @g_rois. It was inspiring as only Derek can be. Part of his talk focused on the very basic principle of “Persistence is Polite!”

Here is a video we created on this very topic for Sound Advice TV: (more…)


The Indie Maximum 100 Goes to TEXAS, Part I

Industry Experts & Musicians Dish Out Their Best SXSW Tips

As a follow up to last week’s The SXSW Survival Guide, I’ve decided to take some of the best tips from some of the experts of today’s music industry and provide them for you here! I took the time to talk to some of the contributors from our 2009 Indie Maximum Exposure list to see what they had to say.

Over the next several days, I will be posting all-new tips that you can use to maximize your South by Southwest experience.

This advice is divided up into 3 sections

  1. Before You Go
  2. While You Are There
  3. After You Get Home

There are not 100 here but they are some great gems…


Read “How to Talk to Anyone” A Week Ahead
So, the week before the conference, read “How to Talk to Anyone” or any book about how to be a great listener. Then, use the conference as your testing ground for your new listening skills. Get extremely interested in those around you. Think like an investigative reporter. Ask follow-up questions about how they got into that. What they love and hate about it. Ask why they came to the conference. Talk about non-work-stuff, too!  Be very curious about their unique perspective. Learn from it.
- Derek Sivers (more…)