5 Things Needed To PRE-Prepare for a Crowd Funding Campaign

Over the last several months, I’ve been helping Ariel to prepare for the launch of her crowd funding campaign (which went live on Monday!).

While we were doing our research, we came across article after article saying the same few things about crowd funding preparation that we already knew about:

  • You need to have an existing fan base – crowd funding is NOT a discovery tool.
  • You need to understand your target audience and create not only compelling rewards, but also a compelling story/ journey to bring them on.

But what we finding to be most unexplained was even a step further back from this.

The crowd funding PRE-preparation…

There are so many things that we needed to decide on that we have never even considered, and we want to share some of these things with you for your own crowd funding campaigns:


Sound Advice TV – Brian Meece, Co-Founder of RocketHub

These past few weeks have been some of the most confronting ones of my career. Boy am I getting a taste of my own medicine :-)

This coming week I will be launching my own crowd funding campaign with Rockethub. A crowd funding campaign takes a lot of work to properly prepare and launch and while you’re working every little voice inside your head and personal demon/ monster comes to visit you saying you don’t deserve this, everyone will hate you, you’re not good enough, you’re not really that talented…

So on that note, one of the smartest and most calming people, Brian Meece, is here to talk me off the ledge. Here are two videos we made a few years ago on how to do crowd funding RIGHT. Let’s hope that I get it right.

Ok I’m heading back to my editing, enjoy these videos.


19 Cyber PR® Artists Bring Joy to the 2012 Holidays

Thanksgiving is behind us and we have arrived in December… the holidays are officially among us! Feasts, wassailing, caroling, presents, and best of all, holiday music.

To kick off the season (and to prepare you for all of the festivities), we have created a collection of holiday music that is the perfect catalyst to get into the holiday state of mind. Grab the eggnog a little early and take a listen to these great Cyber PR® artists! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

– Ariel and Team Cyber PR®



Reality Check: Blogging Won’t Work Unless You Are Dedicated

This was originally published as a part of the AMAZING collection of advices pieces published by Chris Rockett on the Promote Your Music blog.

When Chris asked me to weigh with my thoughts about blogging, my head started spinning. I’ve written multiple posts about blogging: How to blog, why you should blog, and what the best platforms to use are. It’s a full chapter in both of my books that are available now and it’s a full chapter in my forthcoming book Cyber PR for Musicians.

So, I’m going to be the reality check in this series: Here’s the 800-pound gorilla in the room

There is no doubt that a blogging strategy when properly executed (which is something you can search and find tens of thousands of entries on how to do properly using Google) will help you enormously.

I won’t go into why because I’m quite certain all of my colleagues in this blog series points that out but here is what I see:

Blogging takes dedication and commitment.

It takes having something you want to talk about but that’s the easy part.

The hard parts are:

  • Staying consistent
  • Staying patient
  • Being dedicated to a blogging practice

But the even harder part is: Understanding the BIG PICTURE

(Sorry for all the capital letters – I’m really passionate about this and I want you to get this.)

You want to succeed and you want recognition. But you still think someone else will come in and discover you, review you, write about you, tell the world how fantastic your music is, book you and make it happen for you.

They WILL — but you don’t want to do what it takes to earn it blogging is earning it.

Here’s a study that backs all of this up that I have been dying to share. A few weeks ago, I attended The Pivot conference and it mostly talked about how corporate social media works. The most fascinating few minutes came from a study presented by @alison222 from MTV.

It was about Millennials (that’s fans between the ages 18 and 29) and how they approach music, how they think and what they want.

This study defines the recent transformation of the music industry

The topic of her presentation was: How to recognize & reward consumer as PR machine

Here are the bulleted highlights, see for yourself:

• Discovery is a very important part of Millennials experience

• Millennials like Jenny who a part of the study now a 22 yr. old was 10 when Napster hit…. She has ALWAYS KNOWN FREE MUSIC

• It’s all about coming up w your own personal brand identity and that is influenced by the artists you love

• 85% of all music lovers say they have eclectic taste – with technology you can find out about Etta James and Dave Matthews and Drake and Aerosmith

• Millenials discover all music through friends on social media

• 76% feel a stronger connection to musician who shares

• They are demanding total interaction from artists

• More is EXCEPCTED from the artists now

• Buying the music is SYMBOLIC PATRONAGE – you must have earned it has nothing to do with ethics (i.e I am only paying money out of respect)

1. DISCOVERY – The starting place for most music discoverers it STARTS on Social Media then they will check it out on Spotify and the last step is an iTunes purchase (if they LOVE IT and if you have EARNED IT)

2. AFFINITY – They expect to feel connected. This means the artist needs to be on Social Media

3. ADVOCACY – This is their final step – They become your mini PR team

I believe this is not just Millennials- – I’ve seen it hundreds of times with all age groups.

The reality is they want a piece of you and if you do not give it to them they WON’T BUY,

Here Are The 3 Takeaways:

1 .Fans will work hard for you but they ask: When are you gonna pay me back?

2. You are my branding machine online

3. It goes BOTH WAYS

So, Go Blog.

Love Ariel.


Your Giant Gratitude List on Thanksgiving – 250 Musicians Weigh In…

I wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! (for those of you not in the United States, bear with me)

Today I wanted to let you know that I am thankful for you. Thank you for allowing me to live my dream in this music industry. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for following me on Twitter. Thank you for buying my books, coming to see me speak and most of all, thank you for making music.

The results of my survey were fantastic and I will be using them to make some HUGE announcements over the next few weeks. But I wanted to share with you what the respondants are most grateful and thankful for in 2012…


5 Things All Musicians Need BEFORE Starting a Digital PR Campaign

For independent musicians, a digital publicity campaign can be a critical component to the overall marketing strategy that will help to:

1. Reach new fans
2. Increase online influence
3. Create new content that can be used to continue to build strength of existing fan base through social media

While all three of these are important goals for musicians to have, and there is no doubt that a PR campaign can help artists to achieve them, many musicians decide to jump into this too early. Without the proper assets, the likelihood that you will actually achieve these goals from a PR campaign are greatly decreased.

In order for a PR campaign to truly be successful, you must have the 5 following assets:

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