How To Get PR for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

  This is an excerpt from my best selling new book CROWDSTART This guide will walk you through what you need to prepare for in generating online PR for your crowdfunding campaign, and show how you can quickly garner targeted … Continued

7 Great Instagram Users to Follow & Emulate

At Cyber PR, we get a lot of questions from artists about what they should be posting on Instagram (and Twitter). If you’ve read our previous posts (here and here), then you know just how important Instagram is for musicians, and how it … Continued

The Musician’s Guide to Instagram

  Instagram — the most popular visual social platform has experienced a meteoric rise.  As of today, there are over 700 million active Instagram users, and 95 million photos shared every day. And 80% of Instagram users come from outside … Continued

Ariel Hyatt’s Social Media Food Pyramid

Cyber PR’s Social Media Pyramid It’s no longer a question whether or not social media is here to stay, but it STILL after all these years confounds so many of us.  When I’m teaching clients best social media practices or … Continued