buildingwebsite_ebook-coverBandzoogle has released a free eBook called “Building Your Website: A Step­By­Step Guide for Bands and Musicians”. Whether you’re building a new website, or looking to improve your current one, the eBook offers tons of tips to help you make an effective website for your music.

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Below is a sample chapter to give you an idea of what you’ll find inside the guide:

Create a Perfect Music Section for Your Website

When it comes to having music on your website, installing a site­wide music player or embedding a player on your Homepage just isn’t enough. Remember, your website is your main hub on the Internet. If there’s any place that fans should be able to find all of your music, lyrics, and some free downloads, it’s on your own website.

Here are some essential elements to include on your Music page that will give fans a great experience, and help you to collect emails and generate sales in the process:

Have a PLAY button

It sounds obvious, but some band websites don’t have a single play button. Don’t simply post the image of your album cover with a purchase link. Let your fans preview all of your songs, including at least 2­3 full songs. Give them something more on your site than they would get anywhere else.

Offer free digital downloads

Speaking of giving more to your fans through your website, offer a free downloadable song on your Music page. Even better than that, offer free songs in exchange for their email address.

Getting a fan’s email is worth much more than getting $0.99 for a song download. That way you can keep in touch with them over the long term to let them know about upcoming shows, new music, new merch, etc.

Have digital downloads for sale

Don’t simply send fans away to iTunes to buy your music. You should have ecommerce setup on your own site where you can offer digital downloads for sale. This way you get to keep the majority of the money, plus collect their email addresses.

Have physical option(s)

Don’t believe the hype, there is still a demand for physical merch. Pledgemusic revealed that 82% of the pledges are going to physical product. So besides digital music, you should also offer physical options for your albums.

Include lyrics

Did you know that people search for “lyrics” just as much as “sex” on Google? With digital downloads and streaming, gone are the CD liner notes with lyrics, but clearly fans still want to see the lyrics. So on your Music page, be sure to also include lyrics for your songs.

Another option is to create a “Lyrics” submenu page for your Music section and post all of your lyrics there. Just make sure that fans can find them somewhere on your website.

Add album info & descriptions

Another important element to add to your music page is info about the albums/songs.

When/where was it recorded? With who? What was the inspiration behind the creation of the album? How was the experience? Why are you excited about it?

Give your fans some context. Let them read the story about your music while they’re listening to it, it might help inspire them to buy it.

Offer other purchase options

Although you should emphasize selling music through your own website, some people simply prefer to buy through stores that they’re familiar with. So at the bottom of your Music page, include links to stores like iTunes and Amazon, but don’t bring more attention to them than that.

Again, your focus should be on selling directly to your fans and getting most of the money, and more importantly, collecting email addresses to stay in touch with those fans.

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