Social Media House: Ariel’s New 9-Week E-Course for 2013

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Both Music Success in 9 Weeks and  Ariel’s Forthcoming book Cyber PR For Musicians: Tools Tricks & Tactics For Building Your Social Media House (which is available exclusively through her Rockethub campaign from Dec 10th – January 12, 2013) come with lifetime access to the closed Cyber PR® Music Success Mastermind Forum for extra support.
On this private website you will be able to walk yourself through the 9 steps in a group forum, and get any questions answered that you may have about the book. You will also get access to Ariel, and get valuable feedback from like-minded artists who are working hard to improve their own online publicity and social media.

Send Proof of Purchase to to get a link for your membership, with the subject line “I bought the book!” and you will receive your invitation to the Cyber PR® Music Success Mastermind Forum.

Come join us, you’ll love it; we promise.

Cyber PR® Music Success Mastermind Forum Testimonials:

“The Mastermind forum…is a virtual treasure trove of bright-minded, independent and creative thinkers. I see the Master-minders as soldiers of the avant-garde, leading a new generation of music-makers and artists by empowering them to take their art to the highest level through both self-promotion and the shared ideas of the forum. “
– Christina Horn, Hudson K

“Ariel’s Mastermind forum is fantastic. This is a community of people who are serious about making strides to see success with their musical careers. In the four months since I meet Ariel, read her book and joined Mastermind, I have seen major progress every day towards my short and my long term goals. My songs have never had so much exposure (podcasts ans internet radio play!), my sales are up, I am playing more and better gigs and I am getting bloggers writing about my music.”
– Doug Folkins, artist

“The Mastermind forum is indispensable, as it is a place to share ideas with others and feel a sense that I am not alone in this, but rather part of a community.”
– Kelly Carpenter, artist

“The Mastermind forum has helped me to focus on the little steps which help create the big results. This is not brain surgery but it IS meticulous work for the free-spirited musician. Ariel keeps me boosted and the group is supportive.”
– Andrea Lane, artist

“Updates from Ariel’s Mastermind forum have encouraged us to take directional steps to significantly improve our social footprint and connect with our fans in creative ways.”
– Megaphone

“What better way to navigate the endless industry information that’s out there, than with people who have found and are already utilizing the best resources available to DIY artists today? It’s brilliant really, to group together artists with similar drive and ambition to form a network of support and ideas- it’s already proving invaluable to me.”
– Jennifer Christine, artist

“The Mastermind Forum… is worth its weight in gold.”
– Zak, Isaac’s Aircraft