In this Sound Advice TV episode, I speak with Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby about following your inner compass (your gut!).

  • http://www.saucepanbach.com david

    always uncommon good sense … thanks to you both.

  • http://www.AngelBLive.com Angel B

    Great video, Derek Sivers is great, but I do agree with you Ariel in the beginning it’s difficult to hand things off to other people when you don’t have a handle on it yourself, I’m trying to take a more E-Myth approach or Work The System approach where I do these different things myself and come up with a procedure and then hand them off to capable people who can either implement the tedious tasks or improve on them, but in the beginning you still have to wear many hats to get things done correctly.

  • Wendy

    Astute comment at the end. Always thinking “what is the best use of my time” can move you forward dramatically.