I’m at SXSW and I just watched Derek Sivers give his presentation – The Tao of the Conference – where he dished out some of his best advice on how to be effective at SXSW.

He did this wiki style and included wonderful short clips from industry leaders including Tim Ferriss, from The Four Hour Workweek @tferriss, voice teacher Wendy Parr @Wendyparr,  and Greg Rollet from Gen Y Rockstars @g_rois. It was inspiring as only Derek can be. Part of his talk focused on the very basic principle of “Persistence is Polite!”

Here is a video we created on this very topic for Sound Advice TV:


2 Responses to “Sound Advice TV – The Tao of the Conference with Derek Sivers – Lessons from SXSW 2010”

  1. grollett

    Hey Ariel – thanks for catching the panel and I'm glad someone caught the video I sent over. Sounded like a good time. Have a great week at SXSW and looking forward to connecting at an event like this soon.

  2. Jody Whitesides

    I got word that Derek also made use of my little tidbit. Rather fun to get a few texts and tweets letting me know. Wish I could have been there. I'll have to get out to SXSW next year for sure.


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