If you do not have a way to simply add a functional band press kit to your website

we have a great tool for you to explore. It’s called


We have been focusing on honing the art of a memorable signature story, talking about your band press kit and recently writing about how to post an effective press kit on your website. 

The reason we have been doing this is so many artists are not aware of this important and fundamental aspect to promotion.

Let’s take a look at 7 key features 


band press kit


1. Design

First and foremost, the design of is extremely clean, which is important for a digital press kit. It cuts straight to the point with one photo, band name, location, genre, links and tagline. The whole press kit is contained in one page, which means the user never has to click through pages to find what they want.

band press kit setup

2. Media

You can’t have a press kit without media. Embedded in their ‘Media’ tab, has included audio, video, images, and files.The audio and images can be downloadable so users can quickly grab what they need. It is integrated with Soundcloud to make it easier to load your audio content.

3. Files  

This is a pretty cool feature I don’t see on a lot of band press kits online. In ‘Files’ bands can upload downloadable digital content for fans such as screen savers and PDF set lists, or ‘Files’ can even act as a cloud locker for important documents needed for the band and associated team members. These documents can be made private so only certain individuals can access them.

band press kit ibex


4. About 

Here bands can put in their artist bio, band members names and relevant links. A nice addition made was the ‘Wins’ section, where bands can list notable achievements, awards or important dates in their history.


5. Calendar

Displays all the upcoming shows or special events a band has coming up. Like with the Soundcloud integration for audio, integrates with SongKick so bands can more easily get their show dates posted to not only on their’s but also elsewhere online like on Spotify.

band press kit bio


6. Contact

The all-important contact section. No band press kit would be complete without the proper contact info included.


7. Mobile Ready 

One of the greatest parts about is that your band press kit will look awesome on mobile phones. We all know how much mobile is growing in influence, so it’s vital that your digital press kit be viewable and easy to navigate on mobile devices.

band press kit bio edot

All in all, is a super easy solution for bands to present their music and all related press materials. Like any press kit, it’s designed and tailored to be B2B, but is great as a fan facing presence as well. Fans can grab songs and images they want, and then easily connect themselves to your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whichever social they love to use.


Do you have the foundation in place for a killer press kit? (It’s your Artist Bio, In case you didn’t know!)  Here are 12 Questions that will help you write a killer bio.

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