This video was originally published in a while ago, but it still remains as relevant than as it is today (and still remains one of the topics I am asked about most).

No matter what social network you decide you love or hate, or how often you blog, or how many shows you perform in a year, or how many different kinds of bundles you are selling through your website, there is one thing that is an absolute must that YOU (yes, you!) must think through first…
What is your pitch?

Every artist, band, entrepreneur, company and brand needs a strong pitch.

This is your differentiator. Your ability to give people a frame of reference. Your verbal business card.

OK enough said from me. Derek lays out the concept of The Pitch so beautifully here that I’ll leave it to him to take it over from here…

After you have your pitch create your plan…. Download our checksheet now to get started

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