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Last week I started my 3-part series called Your Three Communities and we started diving into how to connect with your superfans by making your live show as good as it can be. This week I will focus on how to energize and connect with Community 2 – Engaged Fans. These fans are your Active Online Audience. They are newsletter subscribers, blog readers, video watchers, RSS subscribers, active Social Media engagers who frequently comment & engage with you on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites you may be using. They’re engaged with you in what the New York Times brilliantly referred to as “ambient awareness.”  They know who you are but they may not know you very well (yet).  With this community, as with all three, engagement is critical, but here it will be different. In Community 2 contribution is critical but engagement is even more vital.

Brian Solis, the author of “Engage” and the co-author of “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations” has recently written a brilliant blog post on the reasons why creating content is a necessity in today’s social media landscape and it speaks DIRECTLY to your already engaged fans.

The Future of Marketing Starts with Publishing

This article is written for businesses and I have said this many times before: Your music is your business so it wont take much reading between the lines to decipher a plan for yourself in this domain.

Here are the two most amazing morsels:

“Creating social profiles and broadcasting tweets and status updates is elementary, whereas creating a meaningful presence through the development and dissemination of remarkable content is judicious.” – Brian Solis

“Time and attention are precious commodities and therefore require thoughtful commentary, involvement, contribution, and programming to spark actions and reactions and concurrently earn two-way alliances that ultimately form the relationships businesses need to cultivate communities and also inspire advocacy.” – Brian Solis

So now that you see creating content on a regular basis is key here are my tips for engaging Community 2

5 Tips For Engaging & Inspiring Community 2/ Active Online Audience

    1. Create A Monthly Newsletter – With ONE Call To Action
      1. “Join my Facebook Fanpage”
      2. “Follow Me On Twitter”C. “Subscribe to my  RSS / blog feed”

If you don’t have one you a ripping yourself off!  Start sending one now (even if its only to 25 people to start). Only have one call to action per monthly communication – too many will confuse people.

    1. Add A Social Media Column to Your Newsletter Signup List

When at gigs or creating an online signup form: Don’t just ask for their email! Ask for their Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages as well.

How? Simply add a column that asks: Is it OK if I find you on Facebook/ Twitter etc if so please enter your @TwitterName.

    1. Use Derek Sivers’ Ultimate Fan Engagement Tip

Keep in mind: People are more interested in themselves than they are in you.  Make them the main attraction.  These fans will also be delighted that they have been included.

Take photos or videos at every single show from the stage or at the merch table of people that come up to talk to you and/ or purchase merch and create photo albums for each show on Flickr and link these to your blog and to Facebook. As you add everyone to the mailing list, you point them to each photoset featuring: Them! They are very likely to go check themselves out

    1. Create a Checklist For Systematizing Your Outreach  & Follow Up
      1. Create event on Facebook – invite APPROPRIATE friends based on location
      2. Update Reverb Nation / Artistdata/ Ping widget: It will add show to Facebook , MySpace, blog, and web site; blog about show; et cetera.
      3. Blog about the upcoming event – Post to all sites.
      4. Tweet the event using a link
      5. Remember to share engaging updates about what you are doing, and that’s jut as important as contributing because it shows a more human side of you.  And never, ever over-hype
      6. Sell tickets on Facebook using

With all of the Social Media platforms that you need to keep up with it can be easy to miss vital opportunities where people can run into you.

So, create checklist for every time you confirmed a show, go through it and systematically check off each action you need to take, you would never miss a beat in your online live music promotion.

Ideas For Your checklist:

    1. Parse Your Facebook Friends into Geographical Lists

Another great tactic is parsing out your newsletter list and MOST IMPORTANTLY your Facebook list so that it is split up by geographical location so that when you play each market, you can personalize the message and you won’t be spamming people who live in Deluth for a show in L.A.

Go through all your friends (yes it’s a pain in the arse but spamming people makes YOU the pain in the arse) and create a separate list for each location New York, L.A, Cleveland etc etc.  I also maintain a list of “Unknown City” for the people who don’t identify where they live.  Send them each an individual note asing and add them to the right list.

Now when you have a show you will be laser focused in your Facebook promotion

Stay Tuned for Next Week – Community 3…

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  1. hubertgam

    Another great post!

    I just blogged about how artists need to “reach out” and spend more time engaging than broadcasting. It is good to see others on the same wavelength.

  2. Cierra

    Extremely useful information! Thanks for the insight and I look forward to the 3rd one!

  3. Quiet Entertainer

    Thanks for this post.

    But, Right before Point E.

    Ideas for your checklist….?

  4. Jeff Dolan

    These posts are why you are setting yourself apart from those who speak theoretically. Thanks for sharing such clear action steps for artists!


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