No matter what social network you decide you love and use the most (hello Instagram!) or hate (Twitter), or how often you send your newsletter, or how many shows you perform in a year, or how many different kinds of bundles you are selling through your website, there is one thing that is an absolute must that you must think through first… It’s so important that I’m rolling out a 2-part video series from a few years ago because they eloquently bring what you need to know to life. For this post, I have rolled out an amazing video series with Derek Sivers to help drive these points home.

A Pitch is the foundation of your marketing

A pitch is sometimes called your Elevator Pitch (how you can describe yourself in the course of an elevator ride); marketers call it a USP (Unique Selling Point); my friend Bob Baker calls it a BIS (Brand Identity Statement).

Call it what you want, a pitch is more important than ever before in this day and age of “story based” marketing as will change the way you market yourself and your music. The reason for this is it gives everyone an introduction to you and context to understand

what you do. It is critical that you have a concise and easy-to-understand pitch that embodies your brand. Also a pitch must be included in your artist bio.



Your pitch = your verbal business card.

Every artist, band, entrepreneur, company, and brand needs a strong pitch.

This is your differentiator. Your ability to give people a frame of reference. Your verbal business card.

Your pitch does not have to be lengthy to be effective; it just has to explain your sound in a few words or sentences.

In Part 2 Derek explains how a band changed the course of their future with 2 compelling words.

A few of the best pitches I’ve seen to inspire you…

The Divorcees – The hard liquor sandwich of Americana: 1 shot each of Jäger (Cash), Tequila (Willie) and Whiskey (Waylon)

AND One of Canada’s Leading Keepers of the Outlaw Country fFame

Leftover Salmon – Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass

John Taglieri – If Vertical Horizon and Third Eye Blind got hit by Train!

Devil Doll – Jessica Rabbit meets Joan Jett

Sleeping LionBoston-based alternative electronic duo.

After the perfect pitch, comes the perfect artist bio 

Now that you have your pitch, it’s time to craft your artist bio (which we call a signature story around here).  Here is a check sheet that asks 12 vital questions to download to help you to hone your pitch and write a great bio:



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